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  • Answer: Discover all Cisco devices directly connected to a local device
  • Answer: First is to second as primary is to secondary.
  • Answer: In California, the court uses the term primary custodial parent to designate the parent that the child lives with most of the time
  • Answer: Primary advertising emphasizes the basic qualities of a productcategory and not the specific brand or product. This is commonlyused by trade-associations to improve the industryÕs image.
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  • Answer: 1. Yourself
    2. If you are blind.
  • Answer: In philosophical terms, a primary good is inherently good and does not rely for that on its relationship with another good.
  • Answer: Religion. Poverty and Government change.
  • Answer: Exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes Primary Complexcondition to children. The disease is a tuberculosis (TB) infectionand does not show any symptom.
  • Answer: (The response that the immune system displays when first exposed to an antigen.)
  • Answer: Primary authority is a legal statement to which everyone issubject, including individuals, courts, and the government. Primaryauthority is mostly used to establish a law.
  • Answer: "Primary Stakeholder" or "Key Stakeholder" who are directly impacted by the project or initiative in question.

    The primary stakeholders for any publicly traded company would include stockholders, investors, owners, creditors, suppliers, and anyone and everyone that has something to lose in the company.
  • Answer: For a Bunsen or Fisher burner, if you open the air intake too wide, the flame will become unstable and blow out.
  • Answer: Pregnancy.

What causes primary dysmenorrhea?

  • It is believed that primary dysmenorrhea occurs when prostaglandins, hormone-like substances produced by uterine tissue, trigger strong muscle contractions in the uterus during menstruation.

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