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  • Answer: seedless grapes, seedless watermelon, other fruits cultured to not include seeds in their fruit.

    Mostly, the definition of a fruit is the growth of a plant that holds its seeds, so a fruit without seeds would be a freak, either caused or accidental.

    From Webster: "the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant; especially : one having a sweet pulp associated with the seed <the fruit of the tree>"
  • Answer: Cut the head of the sunflower off when it is in full bloom. Let it dry. Pull the seeds out. Sunflowers are super easy to grow from seeds. Bird even "plant" them.
  • Answer: small ones produce about 800 seeds and the larger ones 2000. Botanically the seeds are actually fruits.
  • Answer: yes pineapple have seeds
  • Answer: Search in ebay!
  • Answer: Seeds are dispersed in several different ways, depending on the species of plant.
    Many seeds are scattered by the wind, (dandilion seeds).
    Some simply fall from a plant and began to grow where they land, (acorns).
    A few are even spread in the droppings of animals who eat the plant, many species of peppers, for example, are spread by rabbits.
    As a side note rabbits are not affected by capsaicin, which is the chemical that makes peppers taste hot.
  • Answer: Basically seeds have adaptations that ensure they are spread(normally away from the parent plant).

    This is a survival mechanism in order to ensure that the specieswont die out if conditions become unfavourable, this also helps toextend the range of the plant.

    Seeds evolved various mechanisms in order to achieve this:

    Burs to catch on the fur of animals, edible fruit to ensure thefruit and seeds are eaten by animals (and then excreted a distanceaway), wings in order to catch gentle breezes, some are buoyant anddistributed by water and finally some are "explosively" hurled awayfrom the parent plant.
  • Answer: Rolled up in warm, moist paper towels.
  • Answer: From different seeds
  • Answer: there is really no particular way you are supposed to eat them, but most people that chew them regularly do this:
    1. put some sunflower seeds in your mouth in your left cheek
    2. suck all the juice out so they begin to soften
    3. with them still in your left cheek move one over to your tongue and try to split it in half
    4. once you have removed the seed, manage to put it under your tongue without using your fingers
    5. spit out the shell and repeat the process
    hope this helped!!

    OR you just crack the shell in your teeth then eat the inside...
  • Answer: yes, im pretty sure they do
  • Answer: i think what you might be looking for is "flax seed"flax seed is known for being extremely nutritious and high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Answer: tobacco seeds come from tobacco plants
  • Answer: Because to stay alive

Where can you buy tea seeds?

  • at a cafe

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