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Can rat poison kill mice?

  • Poison kills all life.

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  • Answer: Poison kills all life.
  • Answer: Light the car on fire
  • Answer: Painfully. If you mean, how does it kill a human, according to a National Poison Control Service, the amount of rat/mouse poisoning needed to kill an adult human is so great that it would not "make sense." (as if any of this would!) Several boxes full would make an adult sick, but ingesting several boxes would be awfully hard to ingest.

    The way in which rat poisoning kills mice or rats is through the same mechanism as Warfarin (used in humans under the brand name blood thinner, "Coumadin." These chemicals "thin" the blood and reduce its ability to clot. That is great news when trying to avoid a stroke or a heart attack, because the blood can "fit" through narrowed vessels, but bad news to a very small mammal, who, by eating enough of it, would bleed internally until it died. Even a large rat, though, weighs so little compared to a human, that the active poison in boxed rat/mouse poisoning would have little toxic effect. Dogs can get terribly messed up, though, as the stuff often seems tempting and tasty to them, so keep containers away from all pets.

    An overdose of a Coumadin-type product, whether intentional or not, can seriously damage/kill a human. The result is similar to the way in which a hemophiliac would bleed internally, possibly leading to death. The remedy, if applied in time, is a combination of blood transfusions and vitamin K, which increases the clotting factor found in normal blood, that has been depleted by the poison. This is why ongoing testing must be done whenever anyone is on blood thinners, so the right amount can be administered and titrated.
  • Answer: It affects the cells inside your body that you need to have to live. If it is sucessfull, you die.
  • Answer: the gas would enter your lungs and liquidise in there which effectivley made you drown.
  • Answer: Causes internal bleeding.
  • Answer: Baked potato in itself is healthy. It is good for weight gain as it has lots of carbohydrates and less protein. This also makes it good for digestion. Vitamin-C, B-complex and minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc in it are good for the skin. Baked potato is also helpful in brain function, rheumatism and inflammation.
    I think what your are talking about is botulism which is sever food borne illness. Baked potatoes wrapped in foil have been linked to cases of botulism. Clostridium botulinum spores are able to survive the baking process. The foil wrap seals the potato preventing oxygen from being present. In this environment, and at the right temperature, spores on the potato can germinate and grow thereby producing their deadly toxin.
  • Answer: well think about it whuld you let your dog touch it or keep him orher inside
  • Answer: Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) was identified in cigarettes smoke but very probably the concentration is not important for health.

    Far more significant is the nicotine content of cigarettes. Nicotine is a deadlier posion (by ld50) and is also addictive.
  • Answer: Yes. Anything taken to excess can be a toxic poison. This even includes things essential to life such as salt, oxygen and water. "The poison is in the dosage." Drunk drivers with high BAC are routinely taken to the emergency room for observation.
  • Answer: yea alcohol can kill you if you drink to much and of yes toxic poison can kill you and with alcohol can get you bad and get you to hit people and toxic poison you just die like BOOM like you drink it u die in one second
  • Answer: Durza and Arya are in the Eragon/Eldest/Brisingr trilogy be Chris Paolini, they have nothing to do with Chris Wooding.