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Why most people fall asleep faster?

  • because they probobaly have milk with there dinner

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  • Answer: because they probobaly have milk with there dinner
  • Answer: You can drink milk before you go to bed it will relax you. it would be better if its warm. You can take a warm relaxing bath. stay away from books tv and any electronics they will KEEP YOU UP ALL NIGHT!! trust me!! Hope this will help you. i have had the same problem with not falling asleep and staying up late these th
    ings have helped me.
  • Answer: What I sometimes do is dream about your crush hugging you. It might be a little weird at first, but then you will realize that warmth will comfort you.
  • Answer: If your body does not receive environmental stimuli, then the brain may no longer concentrate on normal cognitive functions and will to a degree shut down - basically, it goes on stand-by mode until something good happens. Interestingly and to contrast if the brain is exposed to excessive stimuli (sensory overload) or to repetitive stimuli (repeated flashes of light for example) it will also shutdown.
  • Answer: You have a lack of blood circulation going to your legs
  • Answer: As you have heard, heat or warm temperatures cause us to feel drowsy. Overweight people conduct their own heat with their fat, causing their own temperature to greatly increase, leading to their sleeping mode.
    or because they are human beings too, and we all need to sleep.
  • Answer: In response to cold temperatures, blood vessels constrict to retain heat meaning less blood flows at any one point in the body, including the brain. Less blood flow in the brain decreases alertness, making it easier to fall asleep.
  • Answer: They must be able to trust you. You have to be in a trusting relationship where that person feel secure and safe enough to do so. They will in turn feel very comfortable lying in your arms.
  • Answer: Since the dawn of time, humans naturally became adapted to waking when the sun rose, especially in the ages when electricity did not exist. Ancient peoples would rise with the sun and by sunset, be tired enough to sleep during the dark hours when visibility was low. If used to it, we can sleep during the day and be awake all night if we want.
  • Answer: drink a glass of warm milk or try relaxation exercises like guided meditation or deep breathing.
  • Answer: One reason is that they mix different kind of food and they have a heavy stomach.
  • Answer: Sleeping Pill
    Count Sheep
    Drink Warm Milk
    Watch TV
    Listen to Music
    Listen to the Radio
  • Answer: 2% Maybe. Who will spend money to sleep so uncomfortably. Ha! ha! Chill out, not many!!
  • Answer: She should try drinking warm milk, a cup of chamomile tea, have a lavender infused bath or drink a glass of wine. Also the herb Valerian induces sleep without the side effects of doctors sleep meds. All of these mentioned are good, natural and cheap alternatives to generic medicine. also look online for herbal medicine, and other natural remedies to induce sleep.