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How do you know if your juniper oil contains turpentine?

  • light it on fire, turpentine is flammable.

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  • Answer: light it on fire, turpentine is flammable.
  • Answer: You buy turpentine in a paint store or a hardware store.
  • Answer: yes it can cause skin irretation and can be deadly if ingested
  • Answer: Turpentine is sometimes used to get paint out of clothes. It isoften dabbed on the stain with a sponge or towel, and then allowedto dry.
  • Answer: No, Mineral turpentine is not an acid. Mineral turpentine is also known as turpentine substitute, turps substitute, or just turps. It is an inexpensive petroleum-based replacement for the vegetable-based turpentine. It is commonly used as paint thinner for thinning oil-based paint and varnishes, cleaning brushes, as an organic solvent in other applications, and as dry cleaning and other industrial cleaning purposes. It is even used as a Larvicidal for Chrysomya megacephala.

    Mineral turpentine is a hydrotreated light distillate of petroleum, and consists of a complex mixture of highly refined hydrocarbon distillates mainly in the C9-C16 range. The material is a clear transparent liquid at room temperature. The liquid is highly volatile and the vapors are flammable. It can be a very dangerous inhalant. It is primarily low aromatic white spirits, or Naptha.

    Specific Gravity = .78
    Distillation Range = 150-210F
  • Answer: What are your parasites suffering from?
  • Answer: It is not safe to drink turpentine oil. Turpentine oil is meant to be used on the skin. WebMD claims that when taken by mouth, turpentine oil can cause serious health problems including headache, sleeplessness, coughing, bleeding in the lungs, vomiting, kidney damage, miscarriage, coma, and death.
  • Answer: I cant tell you how much I doubt it.
  • Answer:
  • Answer: Bladder infections, kidney disease, arthritis, gout, rheumatic conditions, cystitis, skin conditions, digestive problems, menstrual irregularities, high blood pressure, and more . . .
  • Answer: get in touch with they supply high grade juniper berries from small quantities up to tonnes.
  • Answer: There are a variety of trees known as junipers. The most common variety in Northern Nevada is also known as mountain mahogany, because the wood is fairly hard and gnarled. These are scrubby evergreen trees that reach a maximum height between 20 and 30 feet (6 to 9 meters).

    Some varieties of juniper may reach as high as 130 feet (about 40 meters).
  • Answer: The berries have been used for chest pain complaints and the oil of Juniper can be used as a diuretic.
  • Answer: Juniper berries have a number of health benefits, these include aiding digestion, relieving minor stomach cramps as well as the relief of gas and flatulence. Juniper berries may impair the absorption of iron so you should consult a physician should this be a concern.