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  • Answer: ink is poisoning because of the things in the ingredients
  • Answer: In World War 1, we begin to see the first use of poision gas use. The Germans used chlorine and mustard gas to clear trenches of the Allied forces.
  • Answer: If you are near the ocean anywhere, get into the water, lightlybreak the poison ivy blisters with sand and let the ocean water getat it. This dries up poison ivy faster than any other treatment Iknow. This can get rid of poison ivy in just a day or two. othermeans include,applying tea tree oil or aloe vera.
    You can get rid of Poison Ivy rashes by immediately rinsing yourskin when the poison ivy strikes, rubbing the skin with somealcohol, or by taking an antihistamine.
  • Answer: Warfrain The same thing given people to thin their blood. Rat eats it, blood gets so thin it bleeds to death internally.
  • Answer: Not exactly sure but at least you will be able to see the toilet at night
  • Answer: Answer:
    Any of various toxic gases , those used in chemical warfare to kill or incapacitate on inhalation or contact.
  • Answer: any substance that will bring death upon a person when taken internaly either by drinking or eating it.
  • Answer: arsenic, cyanide, strychnine, nicotine
  • Answer: long term exposure to a harmful substance
  • Answer: its the poison called nextra it is very deadly so dont mess around with it
  • Answer: No, cholesterol is an essential steroidal alcohol (or sterol) found in the cells of all animals.Cholesterol has acquired a bad medical reputation because of the tendency for it to accumulate on the interior lining of small blood vessels, creating waxy blockages in many people which cause strokes and heart attacks.Cholesterol is manufactured in the body, mainly in the liver. It has been widely accepted that reducing your dietary intake of fats and cholesterol reduces the amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream; but studies have shown that the liver increases its production of cholesterol to keep blood cholesterol levels fairly constant regardless of dietary intake. There is ongoing debate in the medical community on this issue.
  • Answer: Mostly of the legal drugs contain rat poison or plant seends.
  • Answer: Painfully. If you mean, how does it kill a human, according to a National Poison Control Service, the amount of rat/mouse poisoning needed to kill an adult human is so great that it would not "make sense." (as if any of this would!) Several boxes full would make an adult sick, but ingesting several boxes would be awfully hard to ingest.

    The way in which rat poisoning kills mice or rats is through the same mechanism as Warfarin (used in humans under the brand name blood thinner, "Coumadin." These chemicals "thin" the blood and reduce its ability to clot. That is great news when trying to avoid a stroke or a heart attack, because the blood can "fit" through narrowed vessels, but bad news to a very small mammal, who, by eating enough of it, would bleed internally until it died. Even a large rat, though, weighs so little compared to a human, that the active poison in boxed rat/mouse poisoning would have little toxic effect. Dogs can get terribly messed up, though, as the stuff often seems tempting and tasty to them, so keep containers away from all pets.

    An overdose of a Coumadin-type product, whether intentional or not, can seriously damage/kill a human. The result is similar to the way in which a hemophiliac would bleed internally, possibly leading to death. The remedy, if applied in time, is a combination of blood transfusions and vitamin K, which increases the clotting factor found in normal blood, that has been depleted by the poison. This is why ongoing testing must be done whenever anyone is on blood thinners, so the right amount can be administered and titrated.
  • Answer: Monarch butterflies are poisonous

  • Answer: No, humans are not poisonious.

How many poison arrows does one dose of weapon poison make?

  • One vial of weapon poison can poison up to 5 arrows(5 projectiles per one vial).

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  • Answer: One vial of weapon poison can poison up to 5 arrows(5 projectiles per one vial).
  • Answer: Durza and Arya are in the Eragon/Eldest/Brisingr trilogy be Chris Paolini, they have nothing to do with Chris Wooding.
  • Answer: Yes. She likely committed suicide by poison.
  • Answer: Food poisoning if from... FOOD! It is not "contagious." Therefore unless you used the other person for food, it would not be "food poisioning."
  • Answer: chronic poison exposure is being exposed to poison alot. acute poison exposure is being exposed to poison a little bit. im no expert on poison, i just know what the words acute and chronic mean
  • Answer: 1 fig tree. wait three years or more untiel orange powder pops up.
  • Answer: no you retarded bonehead, why the hell would it? i mean bloody hell you are stupid.
  • Answer: I;m not sure where your going with this question but the main reason china makes all the toys is the labour is so cheap..
  • Answer: The cooking = toxicity = disease paradigm. One of the most common ideas in raw-food circles is that most diseases are due to toxemia, and that one cannot be truly healthy without discontinuing what is believed to be one of the major sources of such internal toxemia: cooked food, even if such food is unprocessed in any other respect except by heat.While it certainly appears true that many people experience (sometimes impressive) improvements when first coming to raw food, it also appears that long-time pure raw-foodists who have maintained the diet for many years are rare. Anecdotal evidence also suggests (no peer-reviewed research is available on the issue, to our knowledge) that those eating 100% raw foods do not appear to be any healthier on average than people eating predominantly raw, and that raw diets are not the only diets that may work.
  • Answer: Poison gas and blistered your skin and burned your eyes and that is the reason they wore gas masks
  • Answer: It depends on what poison it is. Some snake poisons paralyze victims, but only small ones. Spider poison swells and jellyfish poison kills. Most of the poisonous animals in the world come from the sea.
    It is very toxic and the fastest is that it can kill you within minutes.
  • Answer: Tin can poisoning was from the lead (metal) that used to be used to seal tin cans. It is no longer used.
  • Answer: Answer
    Poison gas was used to blind the enemy on the other side . It is a very strong and dangerous chemical.

    Additional answer
    There are actually many different poison gases. The simplest is the element chlorine. But there are others which have different effects. But basically they all kill, not just blind.
  • Answer: if u are around it or it bites u or if u touch it u can get poison and die
  • Answer: A substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action even in a small quantity. (Can come in Pills, Liquid, gas)