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  • Answer: personal safety is important because you need to be aware of ur surroundings and to make sure that you feel safe, if you dont walk with someone stay with people
  • Answer: To learn more by doing what you are suppose to do and accepting responsibility for your actions. Its also important because you can help support your family and know whats right from wrong or wrong from right.
    Because everyone has a certain amount of personal activity he or she must attend to. If he or shes does not attend to that activity, someone else is going to have to do it. Think what life would be like if no one bathed, put gas in his car, earned money for the rent and food. . . .
  • Answer: Person hygiene is important because it can help you keep yourself healthy. For example when you wash your hands your washing off germs that could harm you. Secondm taking a shower; taking a shower not only makes you smell good, but it also cleans out your pores! So persnol hygiene is important for alot of reasons.
  • Answer: personal hygiene is important to preserve and promote a healthy life.
  • Answer: Hygiene is good because it keeps up with your aprence
  • Answer: Very important. If you have long hair, tie it back. Always wash you hands before starting, and wash them frequently while cooking. If you scratch an itch, you should wash your hands again. Your hands touch everything and there are lots of germs and bacteria everywhere, so wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water!
  • Answer: Personal control beliefs limit individuals in how the act or reactto situations. A person who removes those limits can in turnseverely hurt those around them.
  • Answer: It is important to practice personal hygiene because practicing proper hygiene make us feel comfortable in what we are doing.It make us easy to do things because we are comfortable. It also help us to have a proper grooming.It also make us healthy because in proper hygiene we are making our self clean.proper hygiene.ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT PRACTICING PROPER HYGIENE IS NEXT TO GOOD HEALTH.... by monica serdan..... to you...
  • Answer: depends where:
    in medicine- very, in costumer service- very, in agriculture- not really.
  • Answer: We know that exercise is good for your health. If you create your own personal workout, chances are you will like it better, and you will be more willing to do the workout on a regular basis, than if you just used some existing workout. Like Frank Sinatra, you will get to do it your way.
  • Answer: A proper balance of both is the most important, in myopinion. Concentrating excessively on either can destroy any chanceof the other. But ultimately the tradeoffs are the responsibilityand sole decision of each individual.
  • Answer: Health personnel are:

    1. Nurses
    2. Optometrists
    3. Podiatrists
    4. Dentists
    5. Surgeons
    6. Radiologists
    7. Radiographers
    8. Occupational therapists
    9. Physiotherapists
    10. Speech and hearing practitioners
    11. Mid-wives (women who help other women to give birth to their children)
  • Answer: brushing your teeth, taking baths, that kind of stuff
  • Answer: Personal collection may be a record of your own work or hobbies.Inorder to create awareness of its importance you can advice someonethat they can store and sell later their personal collection. Thiscan be a great investment.
  • Answer: The question is a trap, designed to suck someone in to what they might think is a meaningful discussion, but would become a pointless time-wasting session of bickering over semantics, which might well break down into trading insults and making personal remarks. I guess that sums up politics. :) thats pretty close summation as governments are only written words to confuse any one not powerful enough or rebillous enough to circumvent. the constitution has been totally averted by the actions of their statutes and other nonsensical additions. so to sum it up ther are no guaantees as a guarantee would have a remedy for the failure, government is exempt from obligations for all ommisions and commissions.

Why is personal health is important?

    • the personal health imp[ortant is proband the..................

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