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  • Answer: The components of a personal hygiene are: Bathe daily, Brush your teeth daily at least two times a day, and shave often every other day if hair grows fast.
  • Answer: The pilgrims bathed at the beach for their personal hygiene. Theywould go to fetch firewood and wash their bodies at the beach.
  • Answer: food personal hygiene
  • Answer: You may remove some beneficial, commensal organisms
  • Answer: your health and your body
  • Answer: Personal hygiene is very important to keep up. A lack of goodhygiene will cause you to smell and people will not want to bearound you.
  • Answer: Stay well away from soap and water.
  • Answer: Well....this question is actually very easy to asnwer, being a person of exprierence, i know how to cure or solve this problem.
    • Wash daily, as in shower eaither every other day or every day.
    • Make sure you have cleaning hair
    • Always wash off perfume, Deodrant and body sprays
    • Hair spray can make your hair very greasy, so always wash out after use.

    If you are a women and its your time of the month, washing everyday is better, due to hormones:
    Hormones make you sweat more, so you need to wash your body more often.
    Best wishes
  • Answer: Any time you are serving food to the public in a restaurant or pub, you are required to have a hygiene certificate/health inspection. This is to show that all equipment, utensils, and food preparation areas are up to code, as well as that the food is properly handled and stored. You are also required to keep records of what you serve, as well as the temperatures at which it is served and stored at, and the dates and time it was stored, etc. While the certificates/inspections are time-consuming and require a lot of paperwork, they are designed to keep the workers, as well as the customers safe. Operating without a certificate/inspection will result in the restaurant or pub being shut down. This also applies to trucks, stands, etc. that serve food to the public.
  • Answer: Because you stink and people will call you a dirt!
  • Answer: is just like everyone elses.
  • Answer: Hygiene and body style are visible parts of your identity. It is very important how you look and smell. The olfactory sense (how we smell to others) is very strong in determining how people react to and remember us. Personal hygiene and style are also absolutely necessary components of being successful in the work place. Ask yourself (or those around you): Is your perfume attractive? Is it too heavy? How are you taking care of your skin? How often do you wash your clothes, shampoo, shower, shave, manicure and pedicure? What kinds of hygiene products are you using? How do you attend to facial hair? Do you keep your hair in good condition and have it styled regularly? Taken together, hygiene practices play an important part in giving others signals as to your personality, your sexuality, and your sense of self worth.

    Personal Hygiene is taking care of and maintaining a clean, odor-free, sanitary body, including hair and nails.
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  • Answer: The costs of personal hygiene regard the usage of cleaningfrequency, water consumption, personal products, and time spent.Cleaning frequency and time is duration and incidence per intervalpersonal hygiene is attended to. Cleaning products are a widevariety of soaps, dental products, shampoos, and cleansers neededand used. Water quantity and rate of consumption is another factorbuilding into costs.
  • Answer: Its a lie i mean i never wash my hands and my roast tastes great acording to jesus but he maybe lieing :/ i mean its fine litterally sh*t in your hand feels great! but dont take my word for it look at this

Why is personal hygiene important when working with food?

  • If you are dirty or have germs on you (even though you always do), it can be transfered to the food you are cooking, packaging, etc. and many other people can get it. Although it is harder to get sick from food transfer (because it goes through the stomach), you can still become very ill.

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  • Answer: If you are dirty or have germs on you (even though you always do), it can be transfered to the food you are cooking, packaging, etc. and many other people can get it. Although it is harder to get sick from food transfer (because it goes through the stomach), you can still become very ill.
  • Answer: Personal hygiene has a tremendous impact on food hygiene andpresentation. If the preparer does not follow proper personalhygiene the recipient may be exposed to fecal contamination withtheir meal.
  • Answer: Yes it does, personal hygiene is one of the main things they will look for because working in a public service you must represent them and with bad hygiene you dont set the right image.
  • Answer: Hygiene is good because it keeps up with your aprence
  • Answer: personal hygiene is important to preserve and promote a healthy life.
  • Answer: Person hygiene is important because it can help you keep yourself healthy. For example when you wash your hands your washing off germs that could harm you. Secondm taking a shower; taking a shower not only makes you smell good, but it also cleans out your pores! So persnol hygiene is important for alot of reasons.
  • Answer: Very important. If you have long hair, tie it back. Always wash you hands before starting, and wash them frequently while cooking. If you scratch an itch, you should wash your hands again. Your hands touch everything and there are lots of germs and bacteria everywhere, so wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water!
  • Answer: It is important to practice personal hygiene because practicing proper hygiene make us feel comfortable in what we are doing.It make us easy to do things because we are comfortable. It also help us to have a proper grooming.It also make us healthy because in proper hygiene we are making our self clean.proper hygiene.ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT PRACTICING PROPER HYGIENE IS NEXT TO GOOD HEALTH.... by monica serdan..... to you...
  • Answer: depends where:
    in medicine- very, in costumer service- very, in agriculture- not really.
  • Answer: It is important to ensure that whatever goes into your body is good for you in order to increase your lifetime and improve your health.Food hygiene also prevents stomach infections and body illnesses. It is also a way to fight other diseases that make the body weak. It provides the body with the necessary vitamins to keep the body strong and immune.
  • Answer: Food hygeine is so important for your immediate and future health.
  • Answer: You keep yourself and your house clean.
  • Answer: Not washing hands after using the toilet along with using dirty cleaning cloths are poor hygeine habits, that may cause food contamination or poisoning.
  • Answer: It depends on the jurisdiction you are in.

    You do NOT need a"basic food hygiene" [certificate] to e.g. replenish food stocks on a shelf in a supermarket, to sell prepackaged food behind a checkout till, to feed livestock/poultry, to pick fruit and vegetables for sale direct to the public or via a retail outlet or to work with food e.g. to offer to your family.
  • Answer: The first advantage is that you will stay healthier. another is that you wont stink and people will not avoid you when they see you coming.