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Is 51 high and dangerous for AST?

  • It is mildly elevated. It is not immediately dangerous by itself but you should talk to your doctor about why it might be high at all.

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  • Answer: It is mildly elevated. It is not immediately dangerous by itself but you should talk to your doctor about why it might be high at all.
  • Answer: It is probably American football or wrestling.
    A dude got a concussion from wrestling.
  • Answer: yes.

    Danger to stop in a wall or some car, cause it killing you, but not fast driving.
  • Answer: the body of an animal or human has a certain constant temperature for example 98 degrees farenheit for humans... and it needs this temp to work properly. DNA is 2 strands of important cells that "zip" together and form its unique shape. if a fever gets too high, it can "unzip" your DNA, your body cant function right and it goes into shock. high temperatures destroy cells that contain info on how to work and live
  • Answer: That depends on how high.

    If it is somewhat high, 200-300 range then there is not much risk during the surgery. The anesthesiologist may need to give some additional fluid. If it is higher than that they often can control it with some insulin before the surgery or delay the surgery if possible (that may not always be best).

    The bigger risk is in the recovery. High sugars impede healing and predispose to infection.
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  • Answer: A high neutrophils, lymphocytes, and monocytes count indicatesstrong towards leukemia, some sort of infection, or disease.Individually they have even more implications.
  • Answer: This could indicate several things, from infection to leukemia. You should see a doctor to have more tests done.
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    Another aspect is what your "friends" will say, think and do, but this only shows what they really are like. If they truly are your friends, they will accept your choises even if they themselves would not think of doing the same.
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    It is ultimately up to the pair of you. You two should discuss the matters involving the two of you. Friends are nice to have, but a friend is only a friend. As life goes on, you keep your beloved spechial one, but friends may or will change.
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  • Answer: Red Blood cells contain haemoglobin which is what the oxygen binds with to form oxyhaemoglobin which is then transported to the different cells around the body. Oxygen bonds with the haemoglobin when it is at high partial pressure and then is released when there is a lower partial pressure of oxygen. At high altitudes there is lower atmospheric pressure of oxygen. This means that the current number of red blood cells in the body cannot meet the cells demands for oxygen. Due to the lower partial pressure of oxygen a process called polycythemia occurs, which is an increase in the bodies red blood cell count. The body increases its red blood cell count because this means there is more haemoglobin available to bond with oxygen molecules meaning more oxygen can be transported to the cells in the body, therefore helping to meet the oxygen demands of the body even with less oxygen in the air.
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