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Why are food minerals important?

  • minerals are important as a nutrition, body building ,blood flow

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  • Answer: minerals are important as a nutrition, body building ,blood flow
  • Answer: The six food minerals are calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium.
  • Answer: They make up the earth
  • Answer: Magnesium amd Zinc.
    All forty nutrients are necessary for good health.

    Eating a diet consisting of wholefoods serves you well.
  • Answer: Minerals are important because we would not be here right now.Also they are what make our house ,cars and alot of more stuff.
  • Answer: Minerals taken out of rock or the rocks themselves, are used to create everything we use today that is not organic, such as roads, cars, computers, telephones, etc.
  • Answer: Minerals are grouped as macrominerals and trace minerals. Macrominerals are those found in larger quantities in the body and needed in larger amounts in the diet. Calcium and phosphorus are two of the seven macrominerals that we need in our diets.
    Trace minerals are found in small quantities in the body and are needed in small amounts in the diet. We need to include nine trace minerals in our diets, including iron and zinc.
    The following table lists the 16 minerals that we need in our diets.
    Table 1.
    Types of Minerals
    Trace Minerals


  • Answer: It keeps you healthy and full of fiber. Duh.
  • Answer: Topaz are used to make a variety of different jewelry. Chemical uses are still being worked on.
  • Answer: Because you need them to help your brain function and help you grow and get strong. It Also help to function certain parts of your brain properly
  • Answer: Minerals are needed to synthesize (make) many very important substances in the body. For example, iron is a mineral which is key to making hemoglobin (without hemoglobin, your blood cannot carry oxygen to your body cells, resulting in fatigue, dizzyness, feinting and eventually death), phosphorus and calcium are necessary to build and maintain bones (if you stopped taking in these then your bones would eventually lose mass and become more porous, and would therefore be more likely to break even from a simple fall).

    Your body is continously building up and breaking down these important materials, so you need a constant supply of minerals to rebuild materials you lost.
  • Answer: Mineral extraction and use has been an integral part of everyday life from the stone age onward. Every technological tool and advancement relies on the use of minerals, or their components.
  • Answer: Mineral are what are referred to as micronutrients. They areessential to every function of the body, especially at the cellularlevel. Two of the most important are sodium and potassium.
  • Answer: very important because they help the proper functioning of the body, for e.g. vitamin D and calcium.
    calcium is needed for building bones, for functioning of muscles, heart to pump etc, now vitamin D is needed for the proper absorption of calcium from intestine. deficiency of either of these especially in children who have a faster rate of growth can cause improper growth of bones a disease called rickets!
  • Answer:
    Magnetite, hematite, and limonite.