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  • Answer: In World War 1, we begin to see the first use of poision gas use. The Germans used chlorine and mustard gas to clear trenches of the Allied forces.
  • Answer: if u are around it or it bites u or if u touch it u can get poison and die
  • Answer: Poison gas and blistered your skin and burned your eyes and that is the reason they wore gas masks
  • Answer: ink is poisoning because of the things in the ingredients
  • Answer: A substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, esp. one that kills by rapid action even in a small quantity. (Can come in Pills, Liquid, gas)
  • Answer: Answer:
    Any of various toxic gases , those used in chemical warfare to kill or incapacitate on inhalation or contact.
  • Answer: Warfrain The same thing given people to thin their blood. Rat eats it, blood gets so thin it bleeds to death internally.
  • Answer: Tin can poisoning was from the lead (metal) that used to be used to seal tin cans. It is no longer used.
  • Answer: Magma often does contain sulfur compounds that are poisonous.
  • Answer: All tablets are dangerous, when you have too many of them.
  • Answer: On rats and insectsOn rats and insectsOn rats and insects
  • Answer: Boudicca got the poison from a friend
  • Answer: teri maa di fuddi
  • Answer: this question is too nasty to answer, so maybe you can find a book on birds and learn how to appreciate them. good Luck.
  • Answer: Some kind of biproducts from the destruction of tissue. Can also be seen emerging from root treated teeth wherefore all of such must be avoided because they are seen by the body as dead tissue.

Why is poison dangerous?

  • it has chemical that u dont knoe nd they could hurt you from it

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