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  • Answer: I am assuming you are referring to a female who weighs 130 pounds. Each adult individual shoud drink at least 64 ounces of water in a 24 hour period regardless of weight or gender.
  • Answer: Polymer is used as an absorbent in diapers.
  • Answer: repetition
  • Answer: Not advised, it is very easy to get overheated.
  • Answer: A sonogram can usually tell the sex of the baby by 4 months.
  • Answer: well, stay away from microwaves, stay off the booze and caffeine, and keep your stress levels low to avoid an early delivery.
  • Answer: I pretty sure that flying is okay at this point. I am pretty sure that they dont want you to fly closer to your due date, but now is perfectly fine. Have fun wherever you are going and good luck
  • Answer: Most healthy pregnant women can have sex right up to the end of their pregnancy. However, it could be uncomfortable in the last month!
  • Answer: Hey hope this helps Your partner could have a low sperm count, or it could be something to do with your eggs. If things dont change u should go to your doctor and he/she will be able to help you more. Like give u a ultra-sound? if it is a low sperm count for you partner he could try a diffrent diet as i hear that diffrent types of food and drink and you health can affect this. sorry if it wasnt much help i also found a site with people who have the same problem
  • Answer: no 9 are u dumb
  • Answer: yes you could be pregnant more than that amount of time your child would just be over-due. just as they say a baby will be premature, he could also be over-due.
  • Answer: No, it will get obese.
  • Answer: In answering the question, there are a few things that need to be considered. The first is that lead is a naturally occurring element, and it is ubiquitous in nature, meaning that it is found everywhere. Therefore, all fishponds already have lead in them to some degree. So the first consideration is to remember that your question becomes a question of presence versus significance. Next, not all lead is equally toxic. The oxidation state and the anion associated with lead in a particular compound will heavily dictate the significance of the presence, even in environments where the content is very high. A good example of this is when the lead is present as the mineral galena (PbS). Although galena is some 87% lead, and may be present in large quantities in the bed of the fish pond, PbS is not particularly bioavailable, and therefore, its presence, even at high concentrations is not biologically significant. In the other end of the biological scale are the organic leads, such as tetraethyl lead and tetramethyl lead. These leaded compounds are particularly bioavailable and can be of considerable concern in the aquatic environment. Finally, the last consideration is the food chain. Different kinds of leaded compounds will bioaccumulate to different degrees. And, depending on the food, chain, may therefore enter higher omnivores and carnivores in the surrounding environment, and may (but not necessarily) effect the health of those animals as well. So the answer to your questions lies with properly defining the word "contaminant" and recognizing that the mere presence of lead does not equal contaminant, even at very high concentrations - rather of greater importance is the significance of the lead, based on its bioavailability in the context of the existing environment.
  • Answer: Because most sodas contain about 60-75mg of caffeine, as compared to 150mg in a cup of coffee, the diuretic effects are rather small and considered not significant by most professionals unless consumed in larger quantities (5 times a day or more). The diuretic effect is much less pronounced that that seen when medicinal diuretics like Lasix are taken.

How can you drink the recommended 1litre of water a day without looking 5 months pregnant?

  • Urinate regularly because it is an essential part of the detoxification process.You start with two glasses as soon as you get out of bed to help with bowel movements.You drink a glass before and after each meal.

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