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  • Answer: Honestly... Probably not. They never worked for me. The best thing is running to boost your metabolism and cranberry juice to flush your body
  • Answer: I am not sure but have been reasrching all day, apparently l hear it works with cranberry juice or gatorade about 32 oz and 2 packs shake well, follow up with 32 0z of water and urinate and test your urine prior to the test it supposed to last 8 hours in your system. If it was me I would test this process days before and get a conclusion on how it works. Good Luck! cause one minute weed is legal and then its not, its all done to keep people from working, hell our fore farther of this great nation smoked the piece pipe before stealing this land from the indians ya know what I mean lol??
  • Answer: no... but, drug tests show how old the urine is and the urine is always tested with a thermometer to make sure that it is YOUR body temp...the best way to pass a urine test is to know how long drugs will be in your systemdont smoke weed one month before a drugs testdont take exstacy, cocaine, ketamine etc 1-2 weeks before a drugs test...LSD on the other hand (my specialist subject) cannot be traced after 6 hours of taking it... NO drugs tests test for acid :)hope this helps :)
  • Answer: Quote from the Related Link: "Drug-users have long advocated the use of the B vitamin Niacin to help "flush" out drugs in order to pass a drug test. As it turns out, this is not only useless, but it may put you in the hospital.Niacin is also known as vitamin B3. This vitamin aids in digestion, hormone production, skin health, and nervous system maintenance ( Niacin has a role in fat metabolism and doctors often prescribe niacin in large doses to patients with high cholesterol and triglycerides. Using this same idea, many drug users believe that niacin can also cleanse or "flush" the body of illicit drugs, especially marijuana.

    However, this wide held belief in this "Niacin regimen" are not only incorrect, but can be very dangerous. Niacin has not been found to remove drugs from the body. Even so, many people use this niacin regimen, and it lands some in the emergency room.

    Dr. Manoj K. Mittal, of a Philadelphia hospital reports that four patients presented to the E.R. due to adverse Niacin reactions. Two of the four Philadelphia patients exhibited nausea, rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations, dizziness, dehydration, low blood sugar, blood-clotting abnormalities, liver toxicity, and a dangerous drop in blood pH ( One seventeen-year-old girl was brought to the E.R. in a coma as a result of too much niacin.

    These patients tested positive for marijuana in a urine test conducted at the hospital. So obviously, the niacin did not "flush" the drug away.

    The negative effects of too much niacin usually are reversed with time. In severe cases, though, the overdose of niacin can lead to acute liver failure ("
  • Answer: just lay off it for a couple days before test.
  • Answer: Buy a whizznator or something similar,m..but make sure you get the synth urine and heat it properly with the heat pad,...just follow instructions and your should be good no matter what, ..... It really works I know several people who have beaten the SYSTEM even
  • Answer: Yes, a positive testing urine test will show faster than a negative urine testing.

    - Personal experience (I have had many urine tests) use "sure jell" and you will pass everytime!!!!! look it up on google.
  • Answer: There are many different ways to clear any existence marijuana in your urine. For instance, many hedshops sell detox products that can clear your system in a few hours. Other options include drinking large amounts of cranberry juice or taking large amounts of niacin tablets. However, the most effective way is good old fashion time. Your urine will take about a month to test negative for THC depending on how much marijuana is used and weight of the person being tested, the amount of liquid injested is also a factor.
  • Answer: I have no idea if the claims are valid
  • Answer: drink loads of water and flush it out
  • Answer: No. By no means whatsoever. Try a detox drink several hours before the test and lots of water. It will not clean out your system but will mask the drugs and dilute them if done properly. However, drinking quantities of vinegar will increase the likelihood of a pass.
  • Answer: That would depend on what you have taken. Each drug can stay in the system for adifferent amount of time, longer depending on how much you have used.

Can you pass a drug test if you mix a little dirty urine with clean urine?

  • no, they are very accurate nowadays and can detect smaller amounts

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