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Is is possible for gold to cure cancer?

  • It is possible for gold to cure cancer. Gold might be used to fundthe research that eventually finds the cure for cancer.

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  • Answer: It is possible for gold to cure cancer. Gold might be used to fundthe research that eventually finds the cure for cancer.
  • Answer: Gold nanorods are the most recent addition to a small arsenal of therapeutics that are intended for use to kill solid tumor cancers. Gold nanorods are gold nanoparticles, extremely small, and are rod shaped. By controlling the rod shape and coating the nanorods with polymers, scientists have recently been able to achieve significant results in the field of cancer therapy. Gold nanorods have recently shown extreme promise in 1) their ability to target solid tumor cancers and 2) have a great photothermal conversion rate that enables the increase of temperature at the tumor site of over 70 degrees C (thereby burning and killing the cancer tumor). This is how they work. They are injected intraveneously where they circulate in the blood stream for many days. The preference for the gold nanorods to be taken up by cancer tissue is over 10 times greater than surrounding tissue. Once circulation is complete, almost 7% of the injected nanorods end up at the cancer site, the rest are taken up by the liver and spleen, and passed. (Gold nanorods are made up of pure gold which is FDA approved and has been used for treating rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years). An external laser at wavelengths in the near-infrared that are transmissive to skin and tissues equivalent to the power of 1/5 of a regular household lightbulb, is used outside the body, directed at the laser tumor, whereby it preferentially heats the tumor to over 70 degrees C, killing the tumor in minutes. So far studies have been complete in mice and are now being done in larger animals. One company is licensed for the manufacturing and use of this product. Please visit Nanopartz at www. for more information.
  • Answer: No it could not. 300.00 (three hundred) dollars would help though. However, three million or 300 million or 3 billion or 30 billion or 300 billion dollars would really help. Keep on donating money to cancer research companies!
  • Answer: If cancer is caught early enough, it can often be cured. Sometimes they use surgery, sometimes chemotherapy and sometimes radiation therapy.
  • Answer: bob maurley knew the cure for cancer
  • Answer: Obviously not.
  • Answer: There are a few options for treatment, but there is no cure. It is best to consult with your oncologist and general practitioner.

    1. Bone Marrow Transplant
    2. Chemotherapy
    3. Radiotherapy
    4. Surgery
    5. Rife Machine

    Depending on the type of cancer you have got the treatment will be different.
  • Answer: No, chiropractic does not cure cancer. There is no "cure" forcancer at the moment. Do not believe any claims chiropractors make.
  • Answer: You have radio isotope of iodine 131. It get concentrated in your thyroid to give very good effect against the thyroid cancer.
  • Answer: apparently they think it could be in a shark because sharks live very long and plus sharks have no cancerous cells too.
  • Answer: Unfortunately, there is no definitive cure for any types of cancer. Traditional methods of curing cancer include; Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, although complications result from having therapy on the digestive system.
  • Answer: Yes, they just havent told anyone yet. Eat 25 and you will be cured.
  • Answer: When you take chemo therapy in any type of cancer, your hair will fall out only to be regrown shortly.
  • Answer: well no cancer can not be cured by sickle celled anemia because sickle cell is the abnormalty of the shape of the cell.