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  • Answer: because when u run for a long time the nerves start getting over active and they hurt
  • Answer: Well i have black or dark areas and i use a skin lightener or rub a lemon on the area
  • Answer: loose weight fat-so
  • Answer: No, from the testicles.
  • Answer: Yes, dwarfs do have knees.
  • Answer: Gases build up in joints and are released when the joint is used or stretched, causing the popping or cracking sound.
  • Answer: To: Whom it may concern Help!!
    I have medical problem in my left & right leg and with extremity swelling above and below of the knees. I have been diagnosis with peripheral vascular disease, left & right lower extremities. I also had MRI-Angiography of both lower extremities pathologies with similar symptoms. Conclusion: Grade II chondromalacia of the left & right knees, with hyper signal and fibrillation in the surface of the cartilage.
    I was in the U.S. Air Force for 28 years and I was an Aircraft Mechanic and work on the flight line and hangers repairing B-17’s, P-51D, F-80’s, T-33’s , F-86’s, F-102’s and F-106’s , F-4E’s, F-16’s aircraft etc. During the Korean War, Vietnam War, Global Cold War and simulated war exercises for training.
    Now, what I like to know is; how does one develop or acquire this problem that I have?
    Was it because; I was working, standing, walking and runing  on concrete cement ramp (flight line) were the Aircraft are parked or undergoing repair or inspection, during my 28 years in the Air Force?
    Vincent J. Bianco, SMSGT, Retired U.S. Air Force  
  • Answer: If you want to get rid of those dark, ugly, discolored knees/elbows this is for you.Take a lemon or lemon juice and soak your knees in it for about 10-15 minutes. After you are done soaking your knees, take a warm washcloth and scrub your knees firmly.You should repeat this everyday, until you see results.To prevent this you should remember to wash your knees/elbows.********************************************************************Also try to use the stone( the one you would scrub your feet with) and gently scrub!!!!!! hope this helps!!!!!
  • Answer: the knee joints are made to fit so that humans can stand up straight and walk upright
  • Answer: Usually with moisturizing creams such a Aquaphor or Eucerine.
  • Answer: i read up on the meaning of getting on one knee and proposing to your girlfriend and getting on both knees when praying to God. When you get on one knee to propose you are showing her that you submit to her, but also stand ready. Getting on both knees signifies complete and total submission to God. Your life and everything in it you submit to God. Hope this helps
  • Answer: They need to have knees to walk. And to swim. And occasionally to bend down and drink.
  • Answer: No they do not

Do birds have knees?

  • Birds have knees but they are so high on their legs that they are often hidden by their feathers.

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