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  • Answer: its not good because people now are suffering from buliema where there throwing up on purpose.when yu throw up your body is telling you that something is wrong.people somtimes thin ktht throwing up is good cause it flushes down your system but really its not,we flush our system by using the restroom[pooping and yurinating];;other than a fever cough and throwing up.its not good at all.;;;hope i bhelped email me for more questions;
  • Answer: Yes, you most certainly can.
  • Answer: Yes and no.
    They are the same in that both involve a material travelling from the stomach back up the esophagus and out the mouth.

    Where they differ is that burping is just a passive relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter to allow trapped gas to escape on its own. Vomiting is an active reflex where muscles are commanded to contract and propel the liquid out.
  • Answer: Throwing up can cause dehydration, which can cause a person to pass out and slip into a coma.
  • Answer: hi, i am having the same problem and have been for some years now. i have just recently went to a GI doc. and have learned it could be because of a hernia in the stomach. it could also be because of bile in the stomach, which could be because of a few different reasons. more important if left untreated it can cause much greater problems like the swelling of the esophagus or cancer of the throat.
    simply put its not worth putting off.

  • Answer: A property owner can sue a person who destroys or ruins property. If the driver owns the vehicle, he could sue the person who vomited in the vehicle. Since the vehicle owner will likely only recover the costs of cleaning the vehicle, a suit is unlikely in light of the cost of filing fees.

    On the other hand the cabbie is in the business of picking up anyone, in order to gate fares, without screening the people allowed into the cab. They may need to take what they get unless there is some negligence or malfeasance that can be proven. People who have been drinking call cabs.
  • Answer: A family member may throw up because they are sick with the flu.They may also have food poisoning or are on drugs.
  • Answer: The way to stop your mom throwing up is to make her think of ice.
  • Answer: give her a trash can
  • Answer: There is no or time period to wait where you cannot eat after you throw up. You can eat directly after it happens however if you still have an upset stomach it is not advised.
  • Answer: It is most likely an allergic reaction, but you should definitely go to the hospital!
  • Answer: Soda crackers are amazing and maybe chicken noodle soup ( the broth
    just stay away form dairy or anything heavy.

How can you prevent yourself from throwing up?

  • The only treatment that is going to benefit the person suffering, is
    one that deals directly with the underlying causes. For this reason,
    many treatments simply suppress a few symptoms. They do not effect
    cure. Measures of success have nothing to do with weight. Locking
    someone away and preventing them from purging is not a solution. If
    anything, it contributes to anxiety.

    You can find a number of useful techniques to help at

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