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What is wellness?

  • Wellness is the absence of illness and control of existing conditions or diseases.

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  • Answer: Wellness as designed. It sounds much more natural to me and makes a great tag-line in my opinion. However, I really think "Wellness by Design" is even better.
  • Answer: Wellness is the absence of illness and control of existing conditions or diseases.
  • Answer: Wellness means free from illness or in good health.
  • Answer: Eat enough, sleep enough, enjoy life and learn as much as you can.
    One of the most important components of a persons well-being is SLEEP. If you dont have enough sleep, you wont have enough strength to do any of the above.

    Another key to good health and wellness is to have good and strong relationship bonds with other people.
  • Answer: social health, phisycal health, spiritual health, mental health, emotional health
  • Answer: Being the proper weight for your height, having a blood pressure and pulse that is optimum. These can both be achieved by exercise and eating the correct amount and types of food.
  • Answer: health and wellness are two things that you need in order to be healthy
  • Answer: The five types/dimensions of wellness are as follows:
    1. Physical Wellness
    2. Intellectual
    3. Interpersonal/Social Wellness
    4. Emotional Wellness
    5. Spiritual Wellness
    6. Environmental Wellness

  • Answer: happiness sadness angriness wellness
  • Answer: Go down on YOUR MOM
  • Answer: Kneipp wellness is a holistic system for overall health developed by Sebastian Kneipp, a nineteenth-century Bavarian priest. His approach included aspects of hydrotherapy , herbalism, and aerobic exercise.
  • Answer: Total Wellness Network is a Team Of Individual (Men, Women, Couples, ...From All Walks of Life, From All Educational and Economical Backgrounds) All Working Together, Independently Associated with a Credible, Publicly-Traded Company (NASDAQ), Which Produces High Quality Wellness Products: Potent & Pure Nutritional Supplements, Weight Loss and Management Products, and Advanced Skin Care Products. In Addition, as Independent Sales Associates there is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY for YOU in the Booming Network Marketing Industry to Obtain Financial Independence by Creating an Residual, Leveraged Income. We work together as a team, helping each other.

  • Answer:
    There are 6 dimensions in wellness. They are:

    1. Physical Wellness
    2. Emotional Wellness
    3. Intellectual Wellness
    4. Spiritual Wellness
    5. Social Wellness
    6. Environmental Wellness
  • Answer: 1. Moral Spiritual
    2. Physical
  • Answer: There are six dimensions of wellness. These dimensions of wellnessinclude emotional, physical, occupational, social, intellectual, aswell as spiritual.