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What is soap used for in first aid?

  • Helps to remove bacterias and viruses from the patient :))))

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  • Answer: Any antibacterial or antimicrobial soap will kill what it is designed for. Getting your hands the cleans is part based on the soap and part based on technique. You want to prepare your paper towel first, turn on the faucet, wet your hands, lather with soap and scrub, pay attention to between fingers and under finger nails, back of hands and forearms for at least 20 seconds. Rinse your hands with the water running from your forearm down to the tips of your fingers. Dry your hands on the paper towel your prepared earlier and turn the faucet off with the paper towel.

    Sara, RN
  • Answer: Antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan, a water soluble organic compound that has shown to have anti bacterial properties.

    Regular soaps are just a mixture of fatty acids, oils, or detergents.

    All natural soaps usually boast that they are made of "natural ingredients" and do not contain harsh detergents or synthetic ingredients like perfume.

    Most often, antibacterial soaps are not necessary to kill germs , as regular soap has been shown to kill just as many germs with thorough washing.

    Antibacterial soaps can be bad for the environment. Triclosan can not be "rid" during water treatment filtration processes, so it usually ends up in local streams where it can have devastating effects on aquatic life.
  • Answer: TrueAssuming it is under the same temperature and pressure.
  • Answer: liquid soap is more bar soap lasts longer...
  • Answer: You can buy soap at any drugstore or at the dollar tree or 99 cent store
  • Answer: Helps to remove bacterias and viruses from the patient :))))
  • Answer: To kill bacteria and in the past it was discovered that doctors patients stopped dying as much when they used soap as it killed all the bacteria off the bodies in the morgue when they went to deliver babies.
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  • Answer: K-Z soap is an antifungal soap that is available with aprescription. K-Z soap is often used for removing blackheads, smallskin blemishes, or rashes.