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  • Answer: Because by following Jesus you become a better you, a new somebody.
  • Answer: this could be a sign, he is trying to show you that you are on his mind alot by. even thought he is mean, it shows that he is having trouble dealing with the position that he is in. maybe he wants to be closer or have a different connection with you but he is having trouble trying to express it to you so he gets upset and cannot control him self.
    You can tell if a guy likes you by the way he looks at you, Physically men do ( an up and down) where they check out your body, sometimes they will stare for long periods of time, and the shy ones will look when your not looking. Another way of knowing is if he has just gotten out of a conversation with you, or he was staring at you but now he is staring off in to space. that is a sign that he was listen/ carefully analyzing you and now he is thinking about it.
    the next thing that i would suggest is finding out how to get closer and change your relationship, so that he can feel at ease around you and you can enjoy his sweeter side.
  • Answer: Well... it depends on why they make you sad, but in most cases you should never choose the liar over the truth teller.
  • Answer: Totally fine. People do it all the time to regulate their periods.
  • Answer: Most 2/per day pills should be taken about 12 hours apart.

    EDIT: For practicality most medications prescribed B.I.D. can be taken 8-10 hours apart, but ideally 12 hours is good as well.
  • Answer: IP 109 is hydrocodone 5mg 325mg acetaminophen.
  • Answer: The "next day" or "morning after" pill is a medication that can be taken within 24 hours of unprotected intercourse to prevent pregnancy. If you had sex without protection or the condom broke, you can take the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy from occurring. At this time, some states require that you have a prescription from your doctor or gynecologist, and some states will allow pills to be purchased directly from the pharmacy counter.

    The morning after pill should be used as a last resort only. Measures should be taken ahead of time to prevent pregnancy whenever possible. Not only are morning after pills expensive, but they make you very sick when you take them.
  • Answer: A pill with the inscription APO 10 is a Zolpidem tartrate 10 mg.This pill is given by prescription only. The pill is for insomnia.
  • Answer: Its a quote from the matrix
  • Answer: That is Filagra, which is a generic form of Viagra.
  • Answer: ask one of Justin biebers gay fans
  • Answer: To begin, this question is in the wrong category; pill bugs, are in fact, not insects. The misleading name "pill bug" leads people to believe pill bugs are from the class "Insecta" but rather, they are a part of the subphyla "Crustacea". They are much closer in relation to animals like shrimp and crabs, than to any type of insect. More specifically, pill bugs are actually isopods.
    To answer your question as succinctly as possible, pill bugs eat decaying plants and even some living plants. Pill bugs are of no harm to humans, but large populations can greatly damage plant crops in green houses.

    ~ nkindianhobo ~
  • Answer: I can only say that it is a sin to murder and that goes for abortion too. If you take the pill to get rid of a baby in the womb then that could mean murder.
  • Answer: You must take the Morning-After Pill within 120 hours of havingunprotected sexual intercourse. The cost of this pill varies from30 dollars up to 65 dollars.
  • Answer: this does not have serotonin in it but, ecstacy will get the serotonin flowin... if you catch my drift. until the come down. that part is the worst

Is there a pill that makes you fat?

  • Prozac.

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