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  • Answer: Plastic Surgeons are medical physicians with a specialty in plastic surgery. To become a plastic surgeon, a proper medical degree such as the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) (U.S.-trained), Bachelor of Medicine,Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), or Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) is required as well as the completion of an appropriate residency.
  • Answer: Actually you dont need a degree.
    check out that website, you will be able to take training from actual pro scouts. and is much cheaper than going to school to earn a degree.
  • Answer: A degree in the study of Dragons and Trolls, but major in electronics.
  • Answer: A nursing degree. Either a BA or BSc depending on what your college or university offers.
  • Answer: A law degree is called a JD, or Juris Doctor. Any bachelors degree will suffice as a pre-req to admission to law school.
  • Answer: Depends on the pilot certificate you want to obtain. No college degree required, but lots of flight training. All require a passing score on FAA written exams, as well as a flight test with an FAA examiner. To become an airline pilot, you will need around 1000 hours of PIC (pilot in command) time and at the very least 50 hours of multiengine time. You will need your Commercial Multiengine certificate, along with a passing score on the ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) written exam. To be an airline captain, you will have to obtain and maintain a 1st class medical certificate as well. Flight training is very expensive. This is a VERY basic and brief rundown, but you get the idea
  • Answer: US: Undergraduate college, high GPA, MCAT grades, admission topostgraduate medical college. Then sit for COMLEX or USMLE medicallicensure exams (depending on if you take the D.O. or M.D. route)to practice. Time spent in school is usually four yearsundergraduate (some students manage to get it done in 3), 4 yearsof medical school (or more outside of the United States), and 3+years of residency depending on medical specialty.

    UK: Undergraduate medical course leading to a MBBS or MB ChB. Totaltime=5 years.
  • Answer: You do not need a degree to open a toy store!

    You can start out small by renting a small store location to get started.

    Go online to find toy wholesale suppliers.

    There are a lot more details to setting up a business.

    You can go online to get free information on how to set up a business in your area.

    You may want to look into getting a business loan to get started.
  • Answer: To be a pediatric surgeon, a proper medical degree from anaccredited medical school such as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine(D.O.) degree, Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree, or a Bachelor ofMedicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS/MBChB) degree must be earned.
  • Answer: Most Teachers Require a Bachelors or a Masters Degree .
  • Answer: The type of health occupation one wants dictates the type of health degree needed. For example, those going into dental health need a degree pertaining to dental medicine. Other degrees include health promotions, biology, and more.
  • Answer: A pathologist is required to have a medical degree (MD or DO) and additional post-graduate training in pathology (3-4 years) to be board eligble.
  • Answer: It depends on the program of study. Typically, the masters degree can take 30 to 46 credits to complete with some upwards to well in the sixties.
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  • Answer: An Aerospace Engineering degree and an Aeronautical Drafting Degree both equip students to draft, design and interpret aircraft plans. Central to both degrees is learning the CAD software system which stands for Computer Aided Design, and is also used by architects.

What degree is needed for a psychiatrist?

  • You have to have a doctorate degree.

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