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Can Amish get medical care?

  • Yes, the Amish can and do get medical care for themselves andchildren.

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  • Answer: Yes, the Amish can and do get medical care for themselves andchildren.
  • Answer: what republican in office from Louisiana put forth a bill that if we all had socialized medicine that all government officials would have the same care????
  • Answer: health care is for treatment of sickness or injury.... medical care is the prevention of sickness or injury....
  • Answer: This person needs to have a Healthcare Proxy. This is someone who will make ONLY their medical decisions, and is court appointed. Usually the court will appoint a family member. A person who is under arrest still has the autonomy to make their own medical decisions, Only a person who is incompetent (determined by the court), or who does not have capacity (determined by a physician) can NOT make their own medical decisions. If you wish to become this persons health care decision maker, you need to seek the necessary forms to become their healthcare proxy (most hospitals have the forms or should at least be able to tell you how to get them).
  • Answer: A non medical home care agency caregiver cannot provide any services related to medical care. In some areas of the country they are allowed to provide medication monitoring as well as the duties below
    • Cleaning- for client safety and comfort - kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, changing sheets, and light housework of clients living spaces
    • Meals - shopping for food, cooking food, following special diets, serving food, feeding client
    • Emotional support - companionship, teaching, having conversations, playing cards
    • Transportation - errands, medical appointments
    • Communication

  • Answer: France has one of the best Medical care systems in the whole world. One would find comfortable medical experience with well equipped, modern doctor offices, clinics and hospitals. France leads in medical care, has expert coverage, and getting medical help in any region is easy.

    Companies in France who employ expats see that they are provided medical health insurance. Most health insurers in the US try to reimburse expats who travel abroad. 85% medical subsidy is provided by French government.

    There is travel medical insurance for expats who are not employed in France and can purchase it if they want health insurance. It just costs $3 a day and covers major injuries and hospitalization.
  • Answer: Too general of question!!... do you mean for the average person or only those insured? I mean I would say for insured individuals only I would definitely say the united states but if you are saying for the average person maybe France, but it could be a few.
  • Answer: That question would be related to the question of what I think human civilization will be like in 50 years. It is a safe bet that things will either get better or they will get worse. Whether we as a species will succeed in coping with the very serious crises of the 21st century remains to be seen. Medical care may involve more sophisticated and more effective devices and techniques than anything now know, or alternatively, the whole medical infrastructure may collapse, leaving the remaining survivors to depend solely upon such home remedies as they are able to contrive. Perhaps we will see a resurgence of shamanism, and disease will be treated by driving out the evil spirits. We shall see.
  • Answer: The ones that are per scribed by the doctor.
  • Answer: to keep our bodys healthy
  • Answer: Not in Australia.

    Certainly not in the USA. Every doctor and clinic and hospital will treat you whether you have insurance or not. YOU remain responsible for the bills. Millions of uninsured people spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually for med care - paid in cash/checks.
  • Answer: In certain parts of Nigeria yes for communities, you are able to get free medical assistance, for people travelling on holiday No I believe you are not entitled to free medical assistance.
  • Answer: You can try to convince somebody to get medical care to someone who refuses to seek it but you can not make them go get medical care cause it is up to them all you can do is try to get them to go but you can not force them to go get some medical care