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  • Answer: To write and present a presentation, you must know the information very well. Before you begin making the presentation, you should write a five paragraph essay on the subject your making your presentation. After that just take the key concepts of your paper and put them in consequential order in a slide show setting. When the whole thing is said and done, you should be able to answer any question that comes up during the discussion. Try and think of some questions that could be answered before you present it.
  • Answer: it doesnt help it makes it worse,: known fact
  • Answer: The glucose tolerance test is a lab test to check how your bodybreaks down sugar.
  • Answer: Magnetic resonance imaging may be used to identify lesions and atrophy (wasting) in the white matter of the brain that are characteristic of MLD. Urine tests usually show elevated sulfatide levels.
  • Answer: Causation is the theory that something routinely occurred; either by normal action (i.e.: the rain falls thereby causing the the street to be wet), or by complete chance (i.e.: your house is hit by a meteorite).
    You will have to take this meaning and determine yourself how it might equate to "indirect enrichment."
  • Answer: The company BTEC is a company in the United Kingdom specializing in training events. There main focus is training for teachers, students, learners and parents.
  • Answer: Velocity sports performance entail a leader in sports conditioning programs.The programs are designed by certified coaches.These coaches are trained to push athletes to the limit based on their individual learning style.
  • Answer: Be sure to consider how your life, and your family will be impacted while you are in school, completing training, and after you get the job. For example, if you want to be a doctor or nurse, you may be required to work nights or weekends while you are on call.
  • Answer: If you have to have an operation to elongate the tendons on yourthumbs, this entails making an incision in your palm and the tendonsheath tunnel is cut. The procedure is usually carried out underlocal anesthetic and does not require an overnight stay at thehospital.
  • Answer: This is a method of surgery, also sometimes used as a diagnostic technique, where a camera and surgical instruments are inserted through a small opening in the skin. See the related link for a more detailed description.
  • Answer: Yes, there will be at least 1. Sometimes you will have 2 or 3 at the most. They are very small and will be under your bellybutton and on the sides.
  • Answer: Laparoscopy is commonly used in gynecology to examine the outside of the uterus, the fallopian tubes, and the ovaries--particularly in pelvic pain cases
  • Answer: A disadvantage to laparoscopy is that some growths may be too large or extensive to remove with laparoscopic instruments, necessitating a laparotomy.
  • Answer: hemorrhage; inflammation of the abdominal cavity lining; abscess; problems related to general anesthesia
  • Answer: a diagnostic tool (to visualize structures in the abdominal cavity and examine them for endometrial growths) and as an operative tool (to excise or destroy endometrial growths).

What procedure does laparoscopy entail?

  • carbon dioxide gas is pumped through the needle to expand the abdomen. This allows the surgeon a better view of the internal organs. The laparoscope is then inserted through this incision

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