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What does it mean if you feel dizzy then you faint once and go really faint and pale then just feel dizzy a lot a like every few days?

  • I would suggest that eat more foods that contain good sugars (Apples). Also you may want to consume more calories per day. You may be feeling the effects of low blood sugar or dehydration.

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  • Answer: I would suggest that eat more foods that contain good sugars (Apples). Also you may want to consume more calories per day. You may be feeling the effects of low blood sugar or dehydration.
  • Answer: Yes! Well, i just went to the doctors and they said yes you can feel dizzy from this! so the answer you are looking for is yes! Just give it a while and you will get better. Avoid fizzy drinks, cold water, And dont have solid foods for a while have soups, warm tea E.TC
  • Answer: Your in the middle of a panic attack , drink alot of water .
  • Answer: You feel very dizzy. The dizziness gets worse, everything gets dim, and then you black out and faint. In addition to the dizziness, most people (but not all people ) experience a roaring sound or sensation in the head. Some people also feel cold and clammy.

    Sometimes it is possible to prevent fainting by putting your head between your knees as soon as the dizziness begins.

    Alternatively, lay down on your back with your legs slightly elevated. You need to take that action quickly, however, because often you only have seconds in which to avert a true faint.

    Faints can be different based on what is calling them. When you faint from fear, it is very quick and once you realize you are going to faint, you become relieved.
  • Answer: You are probably infatuated with the person.
  • Answer: SALT, SALT SALT, SALT.. the low blood sugar causes your iron to drop and can make you faint, lack of fluids can contribute also to heat stroke, also anemia is low salt or iron content in the body and can make you faint, quickly eat something with salt in it, in severe cases your blood may be too thin, so if your on an aspirin regimine cut it down to everyother day. if immediatly eating salt doesnt help go to your doctor, but remember this when someone faints they put smelling salts under their nose. and it makes em snap out of it, so remember that, when you head this advice.

    Well i half faint a lot and its usually a combo of not drinking enough water and seeing a disturbing image. a lot of the time i make the mistake to stand up. that makes it worse. it helps me to close my eyes and take deep breaths and drink water
  • Answer: no it can be a danger hazard on your health. It could be signs of a mental illness arriving. Sign of passing out can be sign of a stoke. Are you out of character? see a doctor they are very smart. Anorexia would cause this too and you may not be fainting but anorexia makes you loose millions of brain cells. heat can cause this hot or cold. Loss of basic body functions can do this. Hpnotism has a strong effect on the mind. Not breathig properly without realising how odd its become. being lost in thought. An unhealthy diet. Drugs. Too much water. Having too much on your mind. Anything if you feel wierd mentally of physically get advice. If you feel like change is going to happen or get things like instinct or fear then youve got alarm beels rings. And there is the basic problem be sure to eat healthy feel good energy food like you best cereal you wont get fat or less happy.
  • Answer: To me it sounds like heat exhaustion and/or dehydration. If you urine is yellow (or heaven forbid orange!!!) you need liquid (try adding a little salt to your water) this might help the head aches. It always works for me.However, since we are not a medical site it would perhaps be best if you consulted a doctor about your symptoms.
  • Answer: if you start to feel dizzy while laying down it could be bbpv which stands for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. vertigo can be caused by loose particles in the ear. they move inside the labyrinth canal and cause problems in the inner ear.
  • Answer: Too many trips on a roller coaster?
  • Answer: lie down and rest. pull to the side of the road and stop.
  • Answer: Dizziness has a multitude of possible causes, therefore you need to elaborate on your issue. Have you always had dizzy spells or did they just start happening recently? Do they happen when you stand up suddenly, randomly or what?

    Vertigo causes profound dizziness and disorientation and is caused (I think) predominantly by ear issues; ear infections, sinus infections etc.

    When you sit or lay down and abruptly stand up, this will cause dizziness in many people as well.

    Certain med.s like opiates (oxycodone, vicodin, xanax, etc. often prescribed for gen. anxiety and pain) can also cause dizziness
  • Answer: Dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance, or weakness can have several causes, and you should consult a medical professional to investigate the causes.

    These can include (but are not limited to):
    - dehydration
    - metabolic disorders
    - nerve impairment
    - inner ear disorders
    - blood circulation problems
    - nutritional deficiencies
    - stress