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  • Answer: the salt will start to dissolve the lining of your throat and stomach.This WILL be painful so take it from me. DO NOT EAT SALT OVER AND OVER AGAIN FOR A LONG TIME!
  • Answer: Well, they might relate to each other in a healthy way. But they might also find it more difficult to stay on top of their eating disorders.
  • Answer: While this COULD be ONE symptom of pregnancy, there are a lot of other things that can cause it as well.
  • Answer: If you are not eating food supplement to your body requirement, there will be a case of food deficiency,wherein you may likely to contact acidity,low pressure,sharp change in blood pressure. So it is advisable not to keep the stomach empty. Even the food should not be taken at a time, but to be divided in 4/5 times within the span of 24 hours of a day.
  • Answer: Yes, as it causes obesity and other health and/or weight related issues.
  • Answer: Bacteria living in your large intestine (this is normal, everyonehas them and you would die without them) begin breaking downindigestible dietary fiber in the food you just ate. Thisdietary fiber is composed of very long chain complex carbohydrates(that mammals cannot digest), the bacteria break it down to simplesugars which they use as food (but you also absorb some of thesesimple sugars released by the bacteria so both of you benefit). Butin the process of breaking down this dietary fiber the bacteriaalso release gasses as waste, a mixture of methane, carbon dioxide,and hydrogen sulfide. And that gives you gas.

    Products like Bean-o contain an enzyme calledalpha-galactosidase (derived from a fungus) that candigest this dietary fiber partially and acts before the foodreaches the large intestine where these bacteria live. This reducesthe problem significantly.

    Products like Gas-x contain a mild detergent calledsimethicone that causes the gas bubbles to collapseforming much tinnier bubbles. While this does not eliminate the gasit stops the bloated feeling and pressure pain caused by the largebubbles that sometimes form.
  • Answer: Your eating has severl reasons:

    -to survive

    -to get energy for growing

    -to grow up strong!

    Also dont eat too much that gives you something called "fat".
    Fat makes you weak and heavy.
    so eat healthy fods!
  • Answer: Yes, like a big big indigestion.
  • Answer: You can, but for just a little not too long. You want to maybe start moving around or walk after that little break. Or you can just stand after eating.
  • Answer: Your metabolism slows down, or to a halt. Your body starts eating at your muscle, not the fat. You contain the fat and lose only muscle.
  • Answer: no infact it is good for one
  • Answer: Yes. Once it hits your throat, it can possibly freeze it, due to the extreme temperature of -109 degrees F. dry ice is LETHAL.
  • Answer: yes...TTX is a neurotoxin that shuts down electrical signals in the nerves by disrupting the flow of sodium ions into nerve cells. Fugu poisoning victims generally die with six to 24 hours after eating fugu, depending on the amount of poison ingested. Paralysis spread through the body while the victim is conscious. Death usually occurs from respiratory failure after the victims has gone into

Is eating raw pastry bad for me?

  • It is fine as long as in small amounts. If you eat to much it can be bad for you but a little is OK.

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