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  • Answer: 1.Symptoms experience
    2.Assumption of the Sick Role
    3.Medical care contact
    4.Dependent Client Role
    5.Recovery or Rehabilitation
  • Answer: 1. do a jog on spot/skipping for 1 a jogging and jumping session-it depens what sport your playing if you need to practise shooting or starting or something like that.3. Do your sport!!! :)
  • Answer:
    1. Problem drinking
    2. Tolerance
    3. Dependence
    4. alcoholism

  • Answer: page, squire, knight
  • Answer: 1.incubation stage
    2.prodromal stage
    3.acute stage
    4.declining stage
    5.convalescent stage
  • Answer: 1st:Page
  • Answer: 1. Strecthing2. Push-ups, or sit-ups3. Short-distance running
  • Answer: The planning process involves four different stages. The first stepis policy setting where business goals are outlined andcommunicated. The second step is planning and development whereplanning goals are identified as well as a plan of action. Thethird step is project selection where monetary resources areallocated to small and large projects to complete the planned goal.And the fourth step is project implementation where businessesperform the following task to fulfill their overall goal.
  • Answer:
    1. Exposure: This happens when a person has been in contact, or exposed to, another person who is thought to have or does have TB. The exposed person will have a negative TB skin test, a normal chest x-ray, and no symptoms of the disease yet.
    2. Latent TB infection: This happens when a person has the TB bacteria in his/her body, but does not have symptoms of the disease. This person would have a positive skin test, but a normal chest x-ray and no illness.
    3. TB disease: This describes the person that has symptoms of an active infection. The person would have a positive skin test, a positive chest x-ray, and might be ill

  • Answer: There are four stages of sleep, which takes a maximum of 8 hours. after that it releases hormones which wakes you up.
  • Answer: The three stages of collision are:
    1st stage - vehicle crash,
    2nd stage - human crash, and
    3rd stage - internal crash.
  • Answer: First, the eggs are laid. Then the larvae are born. After that is the stage of the cocoon. And finally after about 20 days, the butterfly (or whichever creature it is that is undergoing metamorphosis) sprouts its wings after breaking through the cocoon.
  • Answer: Stage 0: Melanoma 99.9% survivalStage I/II: Invasive melanoma, 85-99% survival
    • Less than 1.00 mm primary tumor thickness, without ulceration, and mitosis
    • Less than 1.00 mm primary tumor thickness, with ulceration or mitoses
    • 1.00-2.00 mm primary tumor thickness, without ulceration
    Stage II: High risk melanoma, 40-85% survival
    • : 1.00-2.00 mm primary tumor thickness, with ulceration
    • 2.00-4.00 mm primary tumor thickness, without ulceration
    • 2.00-4.00 mm primary tumor thickness, with ulceration
    • 4.00 mm or greater primary tumor thickness without ulceration
    • 4.00 mm or greater primary tumor thickness with ulceration
    Stage III: Regional metastasis, 25-60% survival
    • Single positive lymph node
    • Two to three positive lymph nodes OR regional skin/in-transit metastasis
    • Four positive lymph nodes OR one lymph node and regional skin/in-transit metastases
    Stage IV: Distant metastasis, 9-15% survival
    • Distant skin metastasis, normal LDH
    • Lung metastasis, normal LDH
    • Other distant metastasis OR any distant metastasis with elevated LDH

  • Answer: The three stages of stress are:
    First Stage: Alarm--emergency signal to brain, body getsmore energy and works work faster. Accompanied by heavy breathing,faster heart rate, sweating, high blood pressure.
    Second Stage: Resistance--Reduction in energy levels takesplace, so feel exhausted but at the same time anxious and forgetful(because of whatever is still worrying you).
    Third Stage: Exhaustion--Completely drained of all energyand just tired. No drive to work, carry on with errands, or live.This stage is a breakdown of your mental and physical system whichcan have severe consequences (raised blood pressure levels, ulcers,even heart disease).

What are the 4 stages of urine formation and the events in each stages.?

  • I have kidney and bladder stones. I have had these removed twelve times in the last 6 years. They can tell me they calcium based nitrogen and carbonate. They are still forming. What do I have to do to stop these?

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