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  • Answer: You can either use Bonjela or Oraldyne Mouthwash because I think that cures it. If they are in your throat eat Ice-Cream at least 5 times a day or use medicine that cures it. Ulsers do go in about 2 or 3 weeks total. Throat Ulsers are harder.
  • Answer: Ulcer-like dyspepsia refers to abdominal pain with three or more of the following symptoms: well-localized pain, pain relieved by eating, pain relieved by antacids, pain occurring when hungry, pain that disrupts sleep
  • Answer: the good bacteria in yogurt can help stomach ulcers
  • Answer: Most pharmacologic approaches rely on reducing the level of acidity in the GI tract by one of several mechanisms. Antacids are the most common products used, but if overused can cause "milk-alkali" syndrome where either a laxative effect (from magnesium-containing antacids) or constipation (from calcium-containing antacids) can occur.The level of acidity in the stomach is measured by "pH", which indicates the amount of free hydrogen ions are in the stomach. The empty stomach has a pH of about 2; food intake tends to buffer this and increase the pH to about 6. This is also why ulcer patients report worse stomach pains at night, when their stomach is empty and most acidic.Newer products are histamine-antagonist agents (like Tagamet, Zantac) which can consistently help reduce the acid production of the stomach and allow healing of ulcers. Proton-pump inhibitor agents like Prilosec, Aciphex,or Prevacid are even better at acid inhibition.It has also been found that many people with stomach/duodenal ulcers have chronic symptoms due to a chronic infection by a bacteria called Camplyobacter. Most people in the general population have this in their stomach, which resides in the mucous layer of the stomach lining and is thereby protected by acid attack. Often a blood test is used to determine if a person has this chronic infection, in which case an intensive two-week course of antibiotics is given, usually along with a proton-pump inhibitor for at least a year.
  • Answer: I hope not.
  • Answer: Add one tsp of table salt to a 1/2 cup very warm water and rinse and gargle several times a day. Works every time for me. Also will get rid of pain from a sore throat.
  • Answer: High fever and stomach pain.
  • Answer: Use salt water. Do like a half tea spoon of salt and warm water not hot and movie it around the ulcer in ur mouth
  • Answer: Venous ulcer are caused by venous insufficiency (improper functioning of venous valves).
  • Answer: Normally they are found between your cheeks and gums, under the tongue or on the sides of the tongue. They are either white round patches if on the tongue and small white blisters with pink areas if under the gums.
  • Answer: No , Its only a viral infection
  • Answer: can i try aaleora juice but ian sufferin from ulcer colotis
  • Answer: ulcer feels irritation nd burning sensation on ulcer affected area.
  • Answer: acrive ulcers

How do you prevent an ulcer?

  • Some people are genetically prone to ulcers, while others can have ulcers from stress, smoking, street drugs and too much alcohol. Seeing the doctor is a must (because an ulcer can bleed) and there are medications for it.

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  • Answer:
    Some people are genetically prone to ulcers, while others can have ulcers from stress, smoking, street drugs and too much alcohol. Seeing the doctor is a must (because an ulcer can bleed) and there are medications for it.
  • Answer: that could never be answered because ulcers have been around for thousands of years even in the caveman times before medically recorded history.
  • Answer: A peptic ulcer is caused mostly by H. pylori bacteria but also can be caused by excess acid or a combination.

    When the mucous of the stomach is broken down by excess acid or H. pylori the lining of the stomach becomes irritated and overtime can cause a soar in the stomach.
    • Some symptoms: Black stool(blood), a harsh dull pain in abdominal area, vomiting blood.
    • H. pyloris is a bacteria that can live in the digestive tract. For some people there are no symptoms, but for others, there can be a lot of pain. You can find a lot of information about ulcers and H. pylori on the internet. Of course, if you think you might have an ulcer, you should speak with your doctor.

  • Answer: You should stop all NSAIDs (Aspirin, Motrin, Advil, Aleve,ibuprofen, naproxen and others), avoid alcohol, avoid spicy foods,avoid caffiene. Visit your doctor for a complete diagnosis andtreatment of your symptoms.
  • Answer: There are many medications that you can take, but make sure you see a doctor to get the right ones. Self-treatment in a case like this is very dangerous.Some of the medications that people typically take are Tagamet or Zantac, antibiotics, or even Prilosec.Another important thing is to modify your diet and your exposure to stress as much as possible.
  • Answer: hey there an stomach ulcer looks like this and is mostly caused by a bacteria called h. plyori or something like that here it is
  • Answer: Ulcer where? If on the dexterior of your body you can see it being gone. When in the stomach you have this breath test your digestive tract specialist can apply
    that is, if it was established the ulcer developed in a Heliobactor Pylori environment.

    If this was not the case, then see if the pain and heart burn lessened.
    If you want you can get another endoscopy.

    If the ulcer is in your intestines have another colonoscopy if the discomfort is not gone.
  • Answer: through food
  • Answer: if you pop an ulser nothing realy happens. sometimes in your mouth you feel some kind of water coming out of your mouth. This is puss and it happens the same with an ulser. Try not to pop an ulser even if it hurts
  • Answer: See a doctor to get antibiotics.
  • Answer: just a mouth sore.
  • Answer: ulcer can be caused by many reasons
    1. stress aggressiveness ulcer as it [promoted acid production
    2. a certain bacteria called h pylori
    3. spices and alcochol
  • Answer: An ulcer is a lesion of the skin, mouth, throat, stomach or intestinal tract.

    An ulcer is an irritation of tissue, leading to tissue breakdown. A stomach ulcer can start small but eventually eat a hole through the stomach. A skin ulcer can start off as a scratch and end up having infected tissue up to the bone.