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  • Answer: friends. carlo. beer in hand. drink the beer. Have more. Enjoy yourself.
  • Answer: Kiss for a while

    Feel her up
    Take off her clothes slowly
    Lick her jugs
    finger her
    have her suck ur shaft
    eat meat
    bang her
    have her have a orgasm
    cum all over face, or in meat then have her suck you again
    do it all over again the next day
  • Answer:
    1. Exposure: This happens when a person has been in contact, or exposed to, another person who is thought to have or does have TB. The exposed person will have a negative TB skin test, a normal chest x-ray, and no symptoms of the disease yet.
    2. Latent TB infection: This happens when a person has the TB bacteria in his/her body, but does not have symptoms of the disease. This person would have a positive skin test, but a normal chest x-ray and no illness.
    3. TB disease: This describes the person that has symptoms of an active infection. The person would have a positive skin test, a positive chest x-ray, and might be ill

  • Answer: Agrarian (or Agricultural)
  • Answer: Stage 0: Melanoma 99.9% survivalStage I/II: Invasive melanoma, 85-99% survival
    • Less than 1.00 mm primary tumor thickness, without ulceration, and mitosis
    • Less than 1.00 mm primary tumor thickness, with ulceration or mitoses
    • 1.00-2.00 mm primary tumor thickness, without ulceration
    Stage II: High risk melanoma, 40-85% survival
    • : 1.00-2.00 mm primary tumor thickness, with ulceration
    • 2.00-4.00 mm primary tumor thickness, without ulceration
    • 2.00-4.00 mm primary tumor thickness, with ulceration
    • 4.00 mm or greater primary tumor thickness without ulceration
    • 4.00 mm or greater primary tumor thickness with ulceration
    Stage III: Regional metastasis, 25-60% survival
    • Single positive lymph node
    • Two to three positive lymph nodes OR regional skin/in-transit metastasis
    • Four positive lymph nodes OR one lymph node and regional skin/in-transit metastases
    Stage IV: Distant metastasis, 9-15% survival
    • Distant skin metastasis, normal LDH
    • Lung metastasis, normal LDH
    • Other distant metastasis OR any distant metastasis with elevated LDH

  • Answer: The stages of writing are:
    1. Prewrite
    2. First draft
    3. Edited draft
    4. Revised draft
    5. Published/final draft
  • Answer: page, squire, knight
  • Answer: There are four stages of sleep, which takes a maximum of 8 hours. after that it releases hormones which wakes you up.
  • Answer: People have different stages. Here are two popular ones:
    1. Crouch.
    2. Rise up on 2. (3, 2, 1.)
    3. Sprint.

    Here is another:
    1. Crouch.
    2. Push down on ground forward.
    3. Continue running with long strides.

  • Answer: there are three stages.
    the first stage, the latent phase, is when you start notice contractions. your cervix will start to dilate.
    second stage, contractions start to feel different, your cervix is fully dilated and your body starts to push the baby out.
    third stage, the delivery of the placenta, about 5 to 30 minutes after the baby comes out.
    it is very important to remember the 4th and important stage: recovery.
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  • Answer: The three stages of collision are:
    1st stage - vehicle crash,
    2nd stage - human crash, and
    3rd stage - internal crash.
  • Answer: The stages of a horse are Foal, Teen and Adult. Foals are Boy:Colt, Girl: Filly. Teen and adult are the same Boy: Stallion, Girl: Mare. There is one more. Gelding. A gelding is a male horse with his balls off so he cant mate with the mare. Stallions on the other hand, the mare CAN get pregant from the stallion.
  • Answer: No, all you have to do to go to Heaven is receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.T
  • Answer: There are several stages of learning which start with orientation.This is followed by theory learning and finally the practical stagewhich one applies what they have learnt.

What are the 3 stages of stress?

  • The three stages of stress are:
    First Stage: Alarm--emergency signal to brain, body getsmore energy and works work faster. Accompanied by heavy breathing,faster heart rate, sweating, high blood pressure.
    Second Stage: Resistance--Reduction in energy levels takesplace, so feel exhausted but at the same time anxious and forgetful(because of whatever is still worrying you).
    Third Stage: Exhaustion--Completely drained of all energyand just tired. No drive to work, carry on with errands, or live.This stage is a breakdown of your mental and physical system whichcan have severe consequences (raised blood pressure levels, ulcers,even heart disease).

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