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  • Answer: Has Gone Up? Not sure what you mean. Up in costs? Alcoholism is a disease that is destroying our country and their are wonderful resources out there for those struggling with this killer.
  • Answer: confusion in mind
    some idiots thinking ,it can build there body
  • Answer: maybe alcoholer.haha
  • Answer: When we started drinking alcohol our brain will make it as a habit and we. Cannot leave it because it will be very irritating to us
  • Answer: alcoholics
  • Answer: Narcotics, barbiturates and tranquilizers, all depressants, have similar effects. For that reason, they should never be taken with alcohol. The combined effects can be fatal.
  • Answer: Yes, your mothers liver is a huge impact on yours.
  • Answer: Cirrhosis of the liver, esophageal varices, neurological disorders, complications of diabetes, malnutrition, breakdown of the cardiovascular system, emotional disorders, social problems, legal problems, family problems, accidental injury or death, insanity and several others.
  • Answer: Alchoholism is a major problem in the world. It affects up to 1 in 10 drinkers. It carries enormous costs to society in terms of health, crime , violence, absenteeism, etc. Most people have to deal with an alcoholic friend or relative at some point in their lives, and are usually impacted in other ways, such as random acts of violence or drunk drivers. The more people studying this disease, the better. The 90% of the population who are non-alchoholics have a lot to contribute to combatting the problem by studying it, and working in specialized areas - It reaches into every corner of society. Arguably, the only people who understand the true nature of alcoholism are those who have experienced it first hand,and they are the most effective at councilling alcoholics, and helping them get sober.
  • Answer: Alcoholics can learn to either moderate or to stop theirconsumption of alcohol. Moderation Management, Secularorganizations for Sobriety, the Lifestyle Program, and others helppeople control their drinking.
  • Answer: To completely stay sober and never drink again. Stay busy and avoid triggers. Meet new people. Realize what you have to lose.
  • Answer: I am not sure exactly sure what branch of medicine deals with alcoholism, addicition, chemical dependancy? Some one should know for sure.
  • Answer: In a short answer - yes it can be treated. Usually with treatment that includes a self help program (AA) and therapy to learn not to drink and ways of dealing without drinking.

What are the causes and effects of alcoholism?

  • There is great disagreement as to the causes if alcoholism but not as to the effects of alcoholism. It can cause numerous health, legal, economic, personal and family problems.

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  • Answer: There is great disagreement as to the causes if alcoholism but not as to the effects of alcoholism. It can cause numerous health, legal, economic, personal and family problems.
  • Answer: Alcoholism can have any of a number of negative effects on family life, finances, employment, traffic safety, and health.
  • Answer: When consumed in moderation it increases sociability. When abused, it can sometimes disrupt sociability.
  • Answer: it depends on the length of the addiction, and how many drinks are normally consumed in a day
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  • Answer: People who make minimum wage can only afford gas to get them back and forth to work much less grocerys for them and their children!!!
  • Answer: There is great debate concerning what causes alcoholism. There is even debate about how to define alcoholism and whether or not it is a disease.

    A craving for much alcohol each and every day may be a symptom, but is not necessarily so.
  • Answer: .Alcoholism is a disease that is caused by a person drinking toomuch alcohol and it disrupts his life. It can cause poverty,destroy families, and the physical health of a person.
  • Answer: i know for a fact that it causes drunkness which causes drunk driving and sometimes even severe health problems
  • Answer: Alcoholism is influenced by genetic, psychological, social andenvironmental factors that have an impact on how it affects yourbody and behavior. The process of becoming addicted to alcoholoccurs gradually, although some people have an abnormal response toalcohol from the time they start drinking.
  • Answer: Alcoholism is thought to be a combination of genetic and behavioral factors. It appears that some people have a genetic predisposition to alcohol addiction, and that if they drink enough (sometimes for quite short periods) they will become alcohol dependent.

    The behavioral factors dominate, however. For example, a person with a genetic predisposition will obviously not become an alcoholic if she never takes a drink. On the other hand, just about anyone will become addicted to alcohol -- just like any other drug -- if he drinks heavily for a long enough period.

    A third factor is the question of why we pursue the alcohol high to start with. Social drinkers have different motivating factors than, say, someone who drinks to help suppress the effects of emotional trauma, or who self-medicates a neurochemical problem. Thus, we say that what matters is not how much we drink, but why we drink, and the effect that the drinking has on our lives.
    Alot of it depends on your past. Alot of people think that alcohol is the answer to having a rough life or losing the one you love. Therefore, the longer the pain is there, the more alcohol they will drink to get it off their mind. Or, other times, some people just love drinkin it because. But i believe alot of it has to with past and present.
    GET DRUNK, DUMBO! hahaha
  • Answer: YES you can, well if you drink like a lot..if u never drink then uhmm no.~samantha~