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    Unfortunately sometimes its not always polite, good or even true but yes they do.Answer
    as of what i heard..yes because honestly i heard guys talk about stuff and its pretty boring so i guess when girls are not around their up to talk about somethin different like girls..Answer
    Guys have even told me to my face they talk about girls! Its weird how they talk about girls they talk about how hot a girl is or about the butt and stuff! Its purvey!!!!! STOP LOOKING YOU FREAK!!!

    yes they do its the same thing as girls talking about guys they talk about who they like,whats funny about a girl,whos hot whos not,etc.
  • Answer: It is a matter of individual preference and cannot be expressed as such a wide generalisation.
  • Answer: Astrology states that Virgo men like a nice appearance, an honest character, balance and not going overboard, a home cooked meal, NO messy displays of emotion, punctuality, organization, a woman who is supportive, and setting the pace for a relationship.

    However, many believe that astrology has nothing to do with what he looks for in a woman. Some men like a good looking woman to sleep with, others look for a woman with personality, morals, and character. Some like a combination of both. My honest advice is to be yourself, because your relationship will go nowhere if you try to appeal to what you believe he prefers in a partner. This goes for both males and females asking similar questions.
  • Answer: Differs from guy to guy, however, most guys like nice girls.
  • Answer: I have no idea unfortunately
  • Answer: I am not sure why a guy likes when a girl kisses another girl. Ithink it is the point that it is two instead of one so he getsboth.
  • Answer:
    "The amount of sodium chloride in human blood and in urine is always kept within a very narrow range of 9 g per L (0.9% by weight). Drinking seawater (which contains about 3.5% ions of dissolved sodium chloride) temporarily increases the concentration of sodium chloride in the blood, so the only way to excrete the excess sodium chloride in the urine is by sacrificing internal water from cells. The cells eventually give so much water to try to dilute the salt that they die from dehydration, quickly followed by organs and eventually the organism." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia!
  • Answer: Before reading the rest of this accept that you might not like the answer and keep in mind this is just one persons answer and it is almost always (in my opinion) better to get multiple opinions.

    Now to "answer" your question there is no surefire thing that can signify your love for someone because it all depends on the person.
  • Answer: their breasts! of course! they love to suck their nipples.and also they would love to touch your body any where.
  • Answer: be yourself
  • Answer: most girls dont like really fat guys like beer belly or anything like that but if a guy is kind of chubby but is not lazy then that can be really sexy but then again some girls like really muscuar guys (but not like body builder muscular) but if you are short and fat then not many girls are gonna like you girls like really tall guys
  • Answer: because subconsciously you pick a partner who would give your kids the best chance to live and if they have abs then your kids would be more likely to be fit also
  • Answer: normally it means they like you or they just like staring at you.
  • Answer: it somewhat depends. (it usually begins at age 10-12) when you are 10-12, its what life is all about when you are that age. its the same with guys
  • Answer: because guys dont have to work in the kitchen

Do guys get thirstier than girls?

  • no

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