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What is the largest land mass England or Ireland and northern Ireland?

  • England, although northern Ireland and the republic combined are just larger than it

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  • Answer: England, although northern Ireland and the republic combined are just larger than it
  • Answer: No, it is part of the United Kingdom, which consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
    No. They are completely separate places.

    Politically, Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom alongwith England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Answer: Northern Ireland is not technically ruled by England. However, it is part of the United Kingdom, of which England is the largest constituent part. At one time, the British conquered the whole of the island of Ireland. The last part of the country to resist their rule was the province of Ulster. In the 17th century, the Irish rulers of Ulster were finally dispossessed. Much of the land which was taken from them was given to settlers from Britain.At the time of the Irish War of Independence, the descendants of these settlers formed a majority of the population in 4 of the 9 counties in Ulster. They were called Unionists because they wanted to stay part of the UK where their ancestors had come from, and they threatened to rebel if they were forced to form part of an independent country. So the British offered to recognise the independence of 26 of the 32 counties in Ireland. The four counties where the Unionists were a majority, plus two ccounties where Nationalists who wanted independence were a majority, were to stay part of the UK.There was a civil war in Ireland between people who wanted to accept this treaty, and people who wanted to fight on and gain the independence of the whole country. The pro-treaty people won, so Ireland was partitioned into a 26-county independent country and 6 counties that were still in the UK.Today, four of the Six Counties have Nationalist majorities. However, Unionists have an overall majority of 58%. So these counties are still part of the UK.
  • Answer: Mainly Protesntanism (mainly in the North) and Catholicism (mainlyin the Republic).
  • Answer: Distance between Mexico City and Belfast is approximately 8,469kilometers (5,263 miles) on a straight line.
  • Answer: northern is protestant and southern chatholic
  • Answer: Belfast
  • Answer: Best months are March April & May. The rest of the year be prepared for RAIN, RAIN AND MORE RAIN. Temperatures are cooler than UK mainland. Generally similar to Scotland. Wetter in the western part of the province - semi maritime climate, and can be windy in spring and autumn. Can have all seasons in one day but when the sun shines there is no better place to be.
  • Answer: The country is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic. The Government had a census, these were the results: The country has a total area of 27,136 square miles, and has a population of approximately 4 million. 88.4 percent Roman Catholic, 2.9 percent Church of Ireland (Anglican), 0.52 percent Presbyterian, 0.25 percent Methodist, 0.49 percent Muslim, 0.1 percent Jewish. 4 percent of the population were members of other religions or had no specific religious belief. Roman Catholocism, Anglicism, Presbyterianism and Methodism are all denominations of Christianity.
  • Answer: Athletes from Northern Ireland who also hold Irish citizenship may represent Ireland at the Olympics. Otherwise, athletes from Northern Ireland are part of the team from Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
  • Answer: Different airlines have different rules, so check with the airline that you intend to travel with.
  • Answer: novanet answer:: Protestant