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  • Answer: The Norwegian Spirit cruise ship, which was built in Germany in 1999, was introduced to the Norwegian Cruise Line in 2004. It has a capacity for 1,996 passengers.
  • Answer: it is the middle of the ship. not the front part of it (forward or FWD), not the back of it (aft).
  • Answer: Ther Queen Mary for example uses about 6 tonnes per hour
  • Answer: Yes, if you have the hundreds of millions of dollars needed.
  • Answer: A cruise ship is a very large ship, usually carrying hundreds of passengers, that tours various areas or countries while providing comfortable living arrangements aboard. They usually have a variety of shops, restaurants, boutiques, and services for the guests. The range of accommodations ranges from inside cabins, to balconies, and to ocean-view deluxe suites.Children are generally provided amusements and entertainment during the day, such as table tennis, games, swimming pools, and movie showings.A staple of cruises are the 24-hour food and drink service, including both buffets and formal dining. When docked at islands or ports of call, many offer excursions to local sites of interest : shopping, tours, and scheduled events.

  • Answer: Well, it depends on the company. Pools with play structures and tubes are quite often included. Shows, buffet dinners, and sometimes gambling is available. Dances, music and lots of entertainment is included. And then there are tours at the ports of call.
  • Answer: Facilities that the passengers could use such as recreational area: swimming pool, restaurants and bars, casino, sports area. A cruise ship should also have a great crew. This includes crews from service department to security department. They will make sure that the small community with in the cruise ship will function all through out the cruise itinerary.
  • Answer: It is usually a hotel or motel on a boat, but it has outdoor activities like pools and such.
  • Answer: Each cruise line will suggest an amount.
  • Answer: Loads of names! Firebolt, Dashing Daredevil, Pure Sea, Sea Adventure, Sea Guide, Sea Wonder, Sea Beauty, Sea Magnificent, Cruise King, Pure Ocean, Pure River, Pure Lake, Adventure Island, Cruise Island, etc..
  • Answer: It depends on the offense. Ultimately, the captain has first and last word of what happens to you if arrested at sea; however, he will be answerable to his actions when he returns to land.

    Almost every cruise ship has a brig, or ship "jail" in which a person may be kept until he or she can be turned in to the proper authorities. If the offender is considered a continued danger to passengers, the captain may elect to give custody to the authorities in the next port -- no matter what country you land in. From there you may be extradited to your country of orgin, or the country may decide to prosecute you there.

    For less serious offenses, the captain may choose to either detain you in the brig for the remainder of the voyage, allow you to pay a fine, or restrict you from leaving the ship until you can be turned over to the authorities in your country of origin.
  • Answer: it is really nice by really i actally mean really but if you get sea sick maybe not so good

What are the similarities between a cruise ship and a ferry?

  • Both carries passengers
    Both are big ships
    Both have rooms in it...etc

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