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  • Answer: generally naked viruses are stronger, because the viral envelopes are very weak. And those viruses depend on the envelope.
  • Answer: "AIDS virus" is HIV, Human Immunodeficiency virus. It causes AIDS, Auto-immunodeficiency syndrome.

    HIV is a retrovirus because it uses reverse transcriptase in replication.

    Polio is a picornavirus.

    Both have RNA genomes, and positive sense.
    They are also both icosahedron shaped.

    HIV is much bigger: 100 diameter, rather than 30 which is polio.
  • Answer: yes but no because they are competing againt whatever they are trying to get and not only that they need to stick together to help each other get rid of whatever...almost like a stomach virus or a cold or flu virus
  • Answer: Several diseases of the liver, collectively known as hepatitis, are caused by viruses. The viruses involved, five of which have been reasonably well characterized, come from a wide range of virus families. Hepatitis A virus is a picornavirus, a small single strand RNA virus; hepatitis B virus belongs to the hepadnavirus family of double stranded DNA viruses; hepatitis C virus is a flavivirus, a single stand RNA virus; hepatitis E, also an RNA virus, is similar to a calicivirus. Hepatitis D which is also known as Delta agent is a circular RNA that is more similar to a plant a viroid than a complete virus.
  • Answer: XXXY Syndrome and Barr-Shaver-Carr Syndrome are the same.
  • Answer: this question makes no sense
  • Answer: Both HSV and HPV are DNA viruses
  • Answer: If the virus protector virus is imitating spyware but has not disabled your actual program, open your spyware and run a virus scan. This should find the virus or viruses on your computer and give you the option of removing the problem.
    If your actual spyware has been compromised, cannot find the virus, or you have no spyware, try checking manually for the problem in your downloads file. You can find your downloads file by opening the Start menu, clicking on "Documents", then finding "Downloads" on the left side of the window that will open. If you see any files that you did not mean to download, or that look obviously threatening, delete them. You may also need to look at your installed programs, which you can do by searching "programs" or "installed programs" in your Start menu. Again, if you find any programs you do not want or that look threatening, uninstall them.

    If none of the above has removed the virus you can try a system restore. You can access system restore by searching "system restore" from your Start menu or by going from the Start menu and clicking "Control Panel" then "System and Security" then "Action Center" then "Recovery". When system restore opens you are able to choose what point you wish to restore your computer to. Your documents, photos, and videos will be saved, but downloads after the point you choose will be wiped out (including the virus). You need only choose a restoration point a few days before you first noticed the virus. System restore will restart your computer and make take several minutes.
  • Answer: the measles virus is RNA
  • Answer: Hepatitis D requires co-infection with the B type.
  • Answer: I have just been conned, fooled by mopical ..... The wbsite says they are from Denmark , I paid $120, money was taken by a CCnow which is a American company....The website is hosted in America....FINNALY THE PILLS CAME FROM PAKISTAN......The pills were round sugar balls......
  • Answer: With regard to hepatitis C, antiviral medications exists that slowthe progression of liver damage, and it is vital that you stay awayfrom alcoholic beverages.
  • Answer: Viruses are one of the most common living thing in the world, and most of them have positive or neutral effects on any specific species.

    They are important in the growing world of genetic modification because scientists can use their native capacity to penetrate the cells to deliver genetic material into cells while causing little harm.
  • Answer: First, you should always have an up to date backup saved away fromthe computer. Second, you should have your security software up todate. Third, avoid clicking on links and visiting dubious websites.Fourth, run your anti-virus software regularly. Note: for aspecific virus, try to get the name of the virus and search theinternet for a solution. But, hopefully, your run with ananti-virus software will be capable to have removed or quarantinedthe virus.

Is there a cure for Epstein Barr Virus?

  • i need to know this for school
    there is no treatment but doctors recommend drinking liquids and lots of sleep:)

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