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  • Answer: The Confederates, they were formed during the Civil War. They were for Slavery while the North was not. They influenced the US since the slaves were free but they were still treated differently than others until the Civil Right Act in the 1960s.
  • Answer: An X zygote is the female sex cell. The Y Zygote is a male sex cell.
  • Answer: a zygote is a single cell which has formed as the result of the merging of the egg cell and a sperm cell. so basically it is the fertilisation of the egg which has the potential to become a living organism or animal or person
  • Answer: zygote become a baby
  • Answer: Definition of Zygote. Zygote: The cell formed by the union of a male sex cell (a sperm) and a female sex cell (an ovum). The zygote develops into the embryo
  • Answer: It does vary, however it usually looks like a tiny white kidney bean.
  • Answer: A zygote is the cell that forms after the fertilization of an egg.This cell can go on to become an embryo, a fetus, and eventually ababy.
  • Answer: Around 60 micrometers in length.
  • Answer: After the egg has been fertilized the egg transfoms into a zygote the embryo and then a fetus which after becomes a baby!
  • Answer: Two gametes (or haploid sex cells) from two different parents, one male and one female. Sperm and an egg come together to form a zygote.
  • Answer: the zygote forms by the union of a sperm and ova
  • Answer: i dont know!!ask your science teacher to answer that!
  • Answer: A zygote is basically a fertilized egg cell, therefore, the only thing it can do is be born or sprout.
  • Answer: A zygote is single cell which is formed immediately after fertilization . IT then converts to morula followed by blastula (ZYGOTE DIVIDED INTO 16-32 cells) WHICH GETS IMPLANTED IN THE UTERINE WALL . IT THEN DIVIDES TO FORM EMBRYO WHICH AFTER 9 MONTHS IS RECOVERED FROM THE MOTHER
  • Answer: it has an ovarie egg and sperm in it

The zygote is formed in the?

  • A zygote is the cell produced when a sperm and egg join (fertilisation). This usually occurs in the fallopian tube.

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