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  • Answer: Yes, it is very possible to orgasm without sex. If you are sexuallystimulated enough you will experience an orgasm.
  • Answer: After puberty
  • Answer: According to some contributors:
    • Yes it is very possible. Although you may not produce any ejaculate, you can still experience the sensation of the orgasm.
    • That really depends on the person. Some people can hit puberty at the age of eleven (rarely males) though it is quite uncommon. Most people experience their first orgasm at the ages of thirteen to fifteen or sixteen. Although it is quite uncommon, it is theoretically possible.
    • Girls can orgasm once they hit puberty but masturbate less than boys do during early puberty.

  • Answer: Guys will be around 12, women 10 or 11.
  • Answer: yeah its a very sexual feeling, im gay myself.
  • Answer: You have a nice start to the day.
  • Answer: A man can have several burst of ejaculation in succession that may feel like multiple orgasms. The orgasm is a series of spasms and can be numerous. It is not exactly the same as female multiple orgasms though that can come in waves over an extended period of time. The male orgasm is usually for a short period under a few minutes.
  • Answer: The sensation is different for each person, generally though it is described as an inward building of muscle tensions and pressure in and around the penis which releases suddenly accompanied by spasms in the testicles and shaft of the penis as ejaculation occurs.
    Outwardly, there is usually a quickening of breathing, and general change of facial expression (could be slight, could be pronounced) as the orgasm nears. The penis itself may harden slightly and throb during ejaculation, and the testicles may raise slightly because of the muscle spasms. The power of the ejaculation will vary from person to person ranging from semen simply oozing from the penis to a more pronounced eruption of semen that shoots out from the tip with some force. This depends on age, but also on length of time since last orgasm.
  • Answer: Self exploration and masturbation are normal. A 12 year old showing sexual interest and adult type "sexualized" behaviors is concernng for child abuse.
  • Answer: Continue in a rhythmic pattern and try to reach your G-spot. Clitoral action also helps.
  • Answer: While not always indicative, the male orgasm is usually accompanied by ejaculation of semen and sperm from the urethra. However, ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing.
    While ejaculation is a physiological action, orgasm is actually a subjective experience that differs by individual.

    Most men, however, will experience strong contractions in their PC and other pelvic muscles, flushing of the face and chest, an increase in heartbeat and respiration, and extreme turgidity of the penis.
  • Answer: well frst off, a boy cant have a orgasm.only girls can.and yes they can,boners at least.i think.

What could it mean if youhave severe cramps after orgasm?

  • It could be that you have a tilted uterus, most are tilted upwards behind the bladder and pubic bone, some women however have a uterus that is tilted backwards towards the rectum. This is not a bad thing and has no health problems associated with it (doctors used to think women with a retroverted uterus had difficulty getting pregnant/ this is just not true). During sex, especially if your boyfriend is large, the penis will bang into the uterus and so your sex may be painful and you will be sore afterwards. Tell your boyfriend to be more gentle and also try using different positions for sex, usually the dog-style position is best for this and the missionary position is the worst. This changes the angle of entry and can avoid painful intercourse. If you try these things and the symptoms persist, see your doctor.

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