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  • Answer: A 99 to100 in Fahrenheit are low grade fevers
  • Answer: Assuming you mean degrees Celsius, then it is a slight fever. Normal temperature range is 37 degrees Celsius, plus or minus 1.
  • Answer: Antipyretics such as Motrin. Talk to your doctor before taking any medication.
  • Answer: 97.2 afever
  • Answer: Yes even if you are in your healthest years of your life
  • Answer: Yes it is high, normal temp ranges from 36 to 37.7.
  • Answer: Yes it is a fever.
  • Answer: 99.3 is a low fever
  • Answer: no 98.6 is normal
  • Answer: No, 99 is not considered a fever, usually a temp of greater than 100.5 is a fever. A slight raise in body temp is natures way of killing the bad germs (pathogens).
  • Answer: Quite often a fever is a signal that something abnormal is going on within the body, but its not ALL bad. It is also a signal that the body attack functions and working to fight off something within the body, to bring it back to health.
  • Answer: No.

    Normal body temperature is approximately 37°C or 100°F.

    Above 100°F is either fever or hyperthermia (depending on the mechanism), and anything under 95°F is considered hypothermia - the opposite of a fever.
  • Answer: Put a cold, wet cloth on your forehead or neck. Maybe eat a popsicle or something like that to cool you off, but otherwise you need to do a whole lot of nothing. Drinking cold water helps too.
  • Answer: no

What is the cause for low fever?

  • low grade infection.

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