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  • Answer: it can reduce the urine levels in a latrine.
    Used to change milk to yogurt
    it iis useful cause it is used to make milk cheese and rot dead plant and animal bodies.Without bacteria you could not digest your food in your stomach and intestines.
  • Answer: When you touch something like... a house phone or any type of phone. Saliva, germs, and BACTERIA... end up traveling from your mouth and hand ( or any other body parts ) to the phone ( or any other objects ).

    By the way, bacteria can come from wet tile or linoleum.... but only wet tile or linoleum.
  • Answer: The most important use is that a bacteria called Lactobacillus helps in curd formation which is eaten by the whole world. We use them to test antibiotics, disinfectants, soaps, etc. Bacteria also live in and on our bodies to keep bad bacteria out.
  • Answer: If you have so much bacteria then you get extremely sick its like you almost die.
  • Answer: Well,some bacteria can affect you and some not.There is good bacteria and bad bacteria.The good bacteria is almost like fiber.
  • Answer: you get rid of bacteria by the antibodies in your blood
  • Answer: Bacteria are unicellular organisms, with no defined nucleus.
  • Answer: There is no bacteria that causes hepatitis. Hepatitis A, B and C are caused by a virus, not a bacteria.
  • Answer: Bacteria grows best with heat
  • Answer: I know 2 bacteria, useful and harmful:

    E.coli, harmful
    Salmonella, harmful
    B. Animalis(Bifidobacterium Animalis), helpful
    Phytoplankton(not a bacteria, though), helpful
  • Answer: Some bacteria can indeed cause diseases. Some, such as viral bacteria, have no treatments or cures.

    please give me trust points, i have this from an official sources!
  • Answer: It is the other way around...bacteria cause infections and disease.
  • Answer: deoxidflonubic acid, Vanga and hipolatitus
  • Answer: Check your pH balance and do a water testing kit but normally you can tell by simply looking or smelling. If your questioning it - it sounds as though it is off.
  • Answer: the anwser is 2 mirometers

How do you get rid of bacteria vaginosis?

  • You can permanently treat vaginosis by maintaining good hygiene andtaking antibiotics. The most popular treatment for bacterialinfections such as vaginosis is metrodinazole. This drug is themost recommended treatment by doctors as it effectively killsbacteria for eliminating infections.

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