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  • Answer: well it might help your jaw muscles get stronger by chewing but overall gum even has calories like the 5 gum has 5 calories(:
  • Answer: The most effective way if to eat sugary food and do less exersize so eating in front of the tv
  • Answer: Natural weight loss pills are more helpful than their chemical counterparts as they work as well as them without the concern of aspect effects. With the rise in reputation of weight loss pills, quite a lot of corporations have began their own brand and line of fat loss products. Natural weight loss supplements can promote natural weight loss by boosting metabolism and controlling appetite, but how safe are the natural substances in these natural pills? Natural diet pill and let the natural substances inside work their magic either by suppressing appetite to stop the dieter feeling hungry or by boosting metabolism to assist the person burn calories faster.
  • Answer: You will want to buy ACE Appetite Control and Energy (also known as "ACE Weight Loss Pills" or "ACE Diet Pills") from an Authorized Distributor of SABA, Parent Company of ACE. 

    You can also purchase ACE at wholesale prices by becoming either a Preferred Customer or an Associate (or "Authorized Distributor") of SABA.
    You can purchase a Starter Kit with anywhere from 1 bottle of ACE and 7 2-ct Sample Packs for $59 + shipping to a "Momentum Kit" for $435 + shipping that includes 12 bottles of ACE (the cost of each bottle is reduced when you purchase larger quantities). You will also need to sign up for Auto-ship for either the $50 package referenced above, or the $100 package that doubles your order (the latter entitles you to the maximum commissions). As an Authorized Distributor,  you are then entitled to purchase any of the SABA product line at Wholesale prices via a personalized website that you are provided at no charge.   You are also entitled to earn bonuses and commissions on sales of SABA products.
  • Answer: because you are getting physical exrcise
  • Answer: Heres somethin...try eating heathly dahh!!!
  • Answer: well, it technically does, but unless you have bulbonia anorxia, you wont. btw it destroys your teeth, with all that acid coming up your windpipe

    Yes, puking can make you loose weight. But in order to loose it, you would have to puke it up right away. Otherwise if you wait, your food would start digesting and start to store fat. The consequences to this is 1.) Your teeth will rot right out of your head because of stomach acid, 2.) You can die from this.
  • Answer: do exercise daily and follow diet chat properly. but if you want to lose your weight faster you can follow the cosmetic surgery.
  • Answer: Any for of cardio is a great exercise. This can range from jogging, walking or even mowing the lawn. Anything to get your heart rate to rise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car in the back of the parking lot. Everything helps.
  • Answer: Yes! By increasing calorie expenditure and increasing you metabolism to burn fat and calories faster.
  • Answer: start swimming, swimming is the quickest way to loss weight
  • Answer: Malnutrition, poor nutrient absorption, vitamin deficiency, protein deficiency, cancer, or infection.
  • Answer: No, it typically causes weight gain.
  • Answer: Laxatives stimulate bowel contraction and generally work by drawing water into the intestines, which creates an urge to defecate. The effect expels water from the body in the form of diarrhea, which may or may not manifest in a decreased number on the scales. But this loss is purely fluid, not fat or muscle. It is caused by dehydration, and thus will be regained as soon as the body is hydrated again. Taking laxatives does not affect the absorption of calories into the body because they are designed to work after all of the food has been thoroughly digested, and only expel waste matter. Therefore, any weight loss perceived from laxative use is not true weight loss and purely temporary.

How effective is body cleansing for weight loss?

  • your body is consist of the largest organ which is the its layers thte epo

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