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  • Answer: Opinion What is now the modern state of Israel occupies over seventy per cent of what had previously been regarded as Palestine, and includes almost all the rich coastal areas. Both the Israelis and Palestinians have strong religious, emotional and territorial ties to the city of Jerusalem.One of the most important reasons for partitioning Jerusalem on the basis of the United Nations Green Line, is that without this there can never be a lasting peace in Israel and Palestine. The only other option that could conceivably achieve long-term peace in the Middle East is a unitary state for Jews and Palestinians on an equal basis. So, unless Israel wishes to endure centuries of hatred and fighting, it eventually has no option other than to concede East Jerusalem to the proposed state of Palestine.
  • Answer: you can go to this website to see photos of the 12 and their names: here:
  • Answer: The driving distance from Jerusalem, Israel to Tel Aviv, Israel is39.54 miles. The time it takes to make the drive is around 45minutes.
  • Answer: about 140 miles<<!!!!>>
  • Answer: Any time they want. Jerusalem is a city of all (major "mono"theistic) religions.
  • Answer: No, Jerusalem is not on a river. It is an ancient city in Israel.
  • Answer: It is about 1,230 km / 760 miles
  • Answer: Jews worship at synagogues.
  • Answer: All of the following countries have controlled Jerusalem:
    • Proto-Canaanite
    • Egyptian New Kingdom
    • Jebusites
    • United Kingdom of Israel
    • Judah
    • Neo-Assyrian Empire
    • Neo-Babylonian Empire
    • Achaemenid Persian Empire
    • Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great
    • Ptolemaic Hellenic Empire
    • Seleucid Hellenic Empire
    • Hasmonean Kingdom
    • Roman Empire
    • Byzantine Empire
    • Sassanid Persian Empire
    • Rightly-Guided Islamic Caliphate
    • Umayyad Islamic Caliphate
    • Abbassid Islamic Caliphate
    • Fatimid Islamic Caliphate
    • Seljuk Sultanate
    • Kingdom of Jerusalem and Other Crusader States
    • Ayyubid Islamic Caliphate
    • Mamluk Sultanate
    • Ottoman Sultanate
    • British Empire
    • Jewish State of Israel & Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (the city was divided from 1949-1967 between the two countries)
    • Jewish State of Israel (exclusively)

  • Answer: The Muslims are trying to take the city away from the Jews. This is a big problem.
  • Answer: 4000 b.c.e
  • Answer: buy a globe!
  • Answer: Jerusalem is primarily Jews (64%) and Muslims (33)
  • Answer: Kudos.
    Seat of established, ancient worship.

What is the mileage from Jerusalem to Tiberias?

  • According to Google Maps the mileage between Jerusalem to Tiberias is 164km or 101.9 miles.

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