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  • Answer: lipids provide stored energy for your body, are part of cells, and make hormone structures
  • Answer: Lipids are essential to your health because they support a number of your body’s functions. Lipids enable the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K to be absorbed from food and regulate cholesterol metabolism. Lipids are made up of several fatty acids (containing long chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms), bonded to a glycerol. They are typically triglycerides, which have three fatty acids attached to one glycerol.
    Lipids have the highest caloric value of any nutrient. One gram of lipids provides 9.3 k. cal. of energy. Lipids are insoluble in water. They are stored in your body as reserve food, which you can use when you need it. Lipids form an insulating layer that helps maintain body temperature. The myelin sheaths around your nerves contain lipids that prevents the passage of nerve impulses to adjacent nerve fibers. Lipids are also structural components of your cells, and their presence is required for certain enzymes and hormones. 
  • Answer: they are stored as fats
  • Answer: tansporter actually, is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system transports fluids around the body and is extremely important for the immune system.
  • Answer: they make up structural parts of cell membranes. by, kris. 
  • Answer: all cells in your body have whats called a phosphoLIPID bilayer that acts as a gated wall between the outside world and the cells internal workings. this is where a lot of lipids get used. Other than that there are fat pads over the kidneys and underneath eyebrows, and the layer underneath the skin that acts as an insulator.
  • Answer: 1) triglycerides (fatty acids) (2) Phospholipids (similar to triglycerides) but contain phosporus and 3) sterols (cholesterol)
  • Answer: Sometimes lipids are absorbed without digestion (bile pools thelipids into smaller amounts). Generally, though, they are digestedby the small intestine.
  • Answer: Eating too much and doing less exercise.
  • Answer: Under human skin there is a layer of lipid which acts as aninsulator to regulate body temperature. Also the cushioned part ofhuman fingers and toes are formed by lipids.
  • Answer: What are all lipids?
  • Answer: you place a sample for the solutution!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Answer: they supply cells with nitrogen.

How are lipids used in the body?

  • Store energy and absorb vitamins.

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