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  • Answer: Yes, if called.
  • Answer: the maintaining by country, company, or organization of political and/or corporate interests and influence in many other regions and countries.
  • Answer: TB exposure is indicated by a reaction of 10 mm or more. The degree of redness is not important. A 5-10 mm area could indicate exposure if there is an underlying risk to TB.
  • Answer: There are lots of advantages of online presence that can happen in your life yet the most huge among these is having the ability to let you self and your business to be known in the worldwide in a cost effective way.
  • Answer: Curtsey or bow as a sign of respect.
  • Answer: According to the doctrine of the Trinity, there is One God who acts and makes Himself known to us in one of three ways, Father, Son or Holy Ghost
  • Answer: Protein does occur naturally in the urine of humans. This is normally no more than 150mg per day. I am assuming you mean >150mg of protein per day. If someone has more than 150mg of protein in their urine per day it can mean several things: it can be a result of an infection, diabetes, kidney disease, medication side effect, and many, many more.
  • Answer: serene and peaceful
  • Answer: The arabinose system enables E. coli and its relatives to take up the pentose -arabinose from the growth medium using products of the unlinked araE and araFGH genes, and then convert intracellular arabinose in three steps catalyzed by the products of the araBAD genes to -xylulose-5-phosphate. This then enters the pentose phosphate shunt. AraC protein regulates expression of its own synthesis and the other genes of the ara system. In the presence of arabinose, AraC stimulates initiation of mRNA synthesis from the promoters pE, pFGH, pBAD 10. J. Johnson and R. Schleif, In vivo induction kinetics of the arabinose promoters in Escherichia coli. J. Bacteriol. 177 (1995), pp. 3 and pJ, a promoter serving a gene of unknown function. At pBAD, the AraC protein not only acts positively to stimulate transcription in the presence of arabinose, but also acts negatively in the absence of arabinose to repress transcription initiation; whereas at pC, AraC acts negatively in the presence or absence of arabinose.
  • Answer: No, black absorbs all of the seven primary colors. White reflects it all, making the color white the presence of all colors.
  • Answer: It lowers blood pressure by increasing the excretion of sodium and water.
  • Answer: women provided stability to boomtowns. The miners were very competitive and sometimes became out of control with one another over a problem with gold shares or etc. Women helped open schools and overall made boomtowns more civilized. 

What is the term for presence of thrombus?

  • blood clot

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