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How often should an average pet receive a physical examination?

  • the average pet should have a physical exam once a year.

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  • Answer: the average pet should have a physical exam once a year.
  • Answer: A health professional should discuss any recommendations for treatment and follow-up visits. Special instructions should be put in writing. This is also an opportunity for persons to ask any remaining questions.
  • Answer: If you are asking when you should get a physical examination for your body, then I can answer this. You need to get a physical usually every year, also if you take any medicine you may get med checks every so often and usually a physical examination will go along with that.
  • Answer: A physical examination usually consists of blood pressure checksand cardiovascular checks. Blood sugar levels are also common inphysical examinations because sudden changes imply that there couldbe a health problem.
  • Answer: Physical examinations (physicals, check-up, medical examination) are, generally, annual health check-ups preformed by a primary care doctor. They usually include, but are not limited to temperature recording, blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate, medical history, eyesight, hearing, as well as an examination of the major organs.
  • Answer: Physical examination is relatively important, whether you are applying for a job, obtaining a license or simply entering a school. They need to know if you are physically fit for whatever you are pursuing especially if it is requiring a good health.
  • Answer: The physical examination helps the physician determine what is wrong with the patient.
  • Answer: You can go to dial one of the phone numbers then they will tell you which place to go for your P.E.
  • Answer: Many life insurance providers offer life insurance with no physical exam required. One well-known company is Globe Life Insurance. For customers over 50 years of age, AARP also offers a life insurance policy with no physical required.
  • Answer: Its better to get a physical examination done from a professional.It may cost a few bucks but as the old saying goes health iswealth...You could also opt for health packages so you could availa full body check-up as a part of the package. Try Sahyadri HealthPackages they are cost effective and cover a wide spectrum ofdiseases.
  • Answer: Tricky question. Age and health history will determine the need for a blood sample. Do you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, or any chronic immune system problems? Are you over 60 years old or over your (healthy) ideal weight by 25lbs? Yes? Then yes expect to give blood.Side note: If you meant an annual pap smear then no.
  • Answer: Well that all depends what the company police is. Im appling for Police, drug testing is part of the recruitment process
  • Answer: When you go to get a physical examination the nurse tells you to take off your cloths and get into a gown.
    The reason why they ask you to disrobe is, during a physical is because the nurse comes in and she takes your blood, your blood pressure, your weight, and your temperature.
    After the nurse leaves, the doctor comes in. When the doctor comes in, he/ she asks you some questions. Then he/she takes the gown off of you and then examines your body with her hands such as: your neck, the way you swallow, your abdomen, your chest, your back, your skin, your pulse, your face, your head, your arms, hands, and fingers, and, your legs, feet and toes. Then he/she checks your eyes, mouth, ears, and nose.
    He/she then listens to your lungs. He/she uses a stethoscope and tells you to take deep breaths to ensure that your lungs are thoroughly examined. Then he/she tells you to breathe normally to listen to your heart.
    Toward the end of your physical he/she will put on latex gloves and do a thorough genital check. He/she will tell you to cough to test the affect of your coughing on your genitals. After, the genital check the doctor will lubricate his/her finger and will tell you to turn over. He/she counts to three and then inserts his/her finger into your anal cavity. He/she will tell you to cough to test the affect of your coughing on your anus.
    That is your basic physical examination.