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  • Answer: haramonaltisis graten disease
  • Answer: Appendicitis,Breast cancer are the diseases caused by lack of fiber.
  • Answer: Night Blindness

    ---------Souradeep Datta ( Class VI )
  • Answer: asking stupid questions. why? do you lack vitamin k?
  • Answer: Well a diet to low in fat can cause malnutrition from fat-soluble essential nutrients. This causes deficiency diseases. For example, rickets can be caused by lack of vitamin D, a fat soluble nutrient. Vitamin K deficiency is often result of fat malabsorption and that can result in hemorrhagic disease.

  • Answer: Results show that lack of exercise can lead to heart disease more than smoking can. It causes people to become overweight and obesity ! Physical activity also prevents blood clots, high blood pressure, chance of developing type 2 diabetes. Physical activity makes you feel good about yourself, relieve stress, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and lower the risk ofosteoporosis. If somebody has not done any activity that made them feel warm and slightly out of breath then they are physically inactive which can lead to these diseases and problems !
  • Answer: Disease caused by lack of calcium is rickets. The function of calcium in the body is to strngthen bones and teeth but you need to have vitamin D to absorb it. you get calcium from dairy products. Protein on the otherhand is needed for growth and you get it from meat, fish, eggs, pulses
  • Answer: Functionally, proteins are required by your body for growth and maintenance. Proteins are the primary structural component of all body tissues. Protein deficiencies can result in one of two conditions. For young children and infants, it is called Marasmus. In older children and adults, it is called Kwashiorkor.
    Symptoms of marasmus include severe weight loss and dehydration. Masasmic children have a bony frame lacking much if any lean tissue and sharply limited fatty deposits. The primary symptom of Kwashiorkor is swelling of the abdomen due to fluid retention. For both marasmus and kwashiorkor, additional symptoms include fatigue, irritability, diarrhea, growth inhibition and impaired cognition. Death is a likely outcome in both conditions.
    Both of these diseases are extremely rare in the developed world because they essentially involve lack of enough food, i.e., starvation. Nearly all unrefined foods have enough protein to meet or exceed your needs, including vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

    Cachexia is a protein deficiency which results in skeletal muscle breakdown and depletion. It is associated with other diseases states such as cancer, AIDS, renal failure, chronic pulmonary disease and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Finally, protein deficiencies can result in blood clotting diseases through deficient proteins C or S. Protein deficiency diseases can be reversed through improved dietary practices but require appropriate medical care and detection before conditions are irreversible.
  • Answer: If you eat certain types of food that contain for example a lot of sugar or fat. It also depends on the portion you eat however oily food also in my opinion have many disadvantages

  • Answer: The evidence goes back as far as the 17th century when it was realised that the disease called rickets suffered by seamen could be removed by regularly drinking lemon-juice. It was later discovered that rickets is caused by a deficiency of vitamin-C in the diet.

List of diseases caused due to lack of vitamins?

  • Lack of vitamin A causes Dry and scaly skin and night blindness.

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