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  • Answer: If you have problems with gluten, a non dairy creamer may make yousick as it can contain hidden traces of gluten. Dairy creamer maymake you sick if you are sensitive to dairy products or lactoseintolerant. Cream that is not refrigerated can go bad and growbacteria that can make you sick.
  • Answer: Yes, Naproxen (Aleve) is in the family of drugs called NSAIDS, or Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs. It is related to Ibuprofen (Motrin). NSAIDS are notorious for causing GI upset and bleeding in larger than reccommended quantities.
  • Answer: sup looking at u
  • Answer: no not at all
  • Answer: No , but it tasted weird. But everyone is different, you might throw up.
    Does this help?
  • Answer: The majority of caterpillars will not make you sick. When you comeinto contact with a caterpillar that does sting, you may get alocalized skin reaction, nausea, swelling, and general malaise.
  • Answer: yes ever drug has side affects check with your doctor before taking
  • Answer: When a mosquito bites you, it injects proteins that inhibit your blood from clotting in the vicinity of the bite. It can then more easily withdraw blood. Some mosquitoes carry one or more infectious biological organisms, and they can inject you with them when they bite you. Malaria is probably the best known of the examples, and there are others like West Nile virus.
  • Answer: It is very possible that novocaine can make you feel sick. It is acommon problem that novocaine will cause nauseous.
  • Answer: It can make you sick if the food has gone bad (bad food grows bugs on it, you get food poisoning), or if you have an allergy to the food (a histamine reaction - bits of you swell up, you get rashes etc...), or if you have an intolerance to the food (not a histamine reaction, but some kind of noticable side-effect from eating it; stomach ache everytime you eat a certain food etc... ).
  • Answer: When I took suboxone i was violently ill.. i was puking for 2 days straight.. my doctor tried to lower my dose then raise my dose.. nothing worked.. nomatter what i threw up constantly.. he changed it to subutex and i still puked.. i dont know what will work for me.
  • Answer: The are microbes like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoans
  • Answer: Yes. And your tummy might hurt.

Can a unclean mouth make you sick?

  • Yes, when you do not clean your mouth after you eat or wake up in the morning ,you can get an amount of germs.

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  • Answer: Yes, when you do not clean your mouth after you eat or wake up in the morning ,you can get an amount of germs.
  • Answer: Yes, you should take another day off, just to make sure you do not give the virus to another human being.
  • Answer: Milk usually curdles due to harmless acidophilus or lactobacillusbacteria, but other bacteria that can make you sick can also curdlemilk.
  • Answer: maybe or maybe not
  • Answer: Course, you can get a temperature. Also you may faint.
    when you feel your body is hot,then the person is having temparature and makes him sick too.
  • Answer: 1.excuse the table and say you fell sick 2.go to bed early and wake up in the middle of the night 3.put layers of cloths on 4.surround your self in tissue 5. get leftovers and chew it up put it in a cup and mix it with any liquid 6. mix it all up 7.pour it in your bed and stay up till its time to get up 8.your mom will see your sick and you will HAVE to stay home from school 9.HAVE FUN AT HOME NOT AT SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Answer: Psychosomatic illnesses are illnesses where the persons thoughts about being sick actually make the person sick. If you truly believe that something will make you sick, it is possible that you will become ill.
  • Answer: mix a tea spoon or 2 of salt to tap water mix with a spoon till salt is no longer visible then drink really fast this should make you instantly sick may vary
  • Answer: yes it can, it cxontains a powerful chemical
  • Answer: if you have too much unhealthy things than you will be sick but if you eat too many healthy stuff you might not be sick
    from Saffia
  • Answer: They usually make about $400 per tooth. And with the standard number of teeth being 32, that translates to about $12,800 per mouth.
  • Answer: There is a product called a dental dam that is a piece of latex material, cut into a square shape, which can be used as a barrier during oral sex.
  • Answer:
    Foam Will
    And rabies!
  • Answer: A good way to get rid of Ulcer is to pour warm water in a glass with quite a lot of salt and mix it until it dissolves, Then gurgle in your mouth for about 15 seconds(Which might sting a bit)This will then numb the pain and also will heal it in a week if you do this every day