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  • Answer: No, there is no such thing


    The Kingdom of God or His Government will be fully manifested at the Millennial Rule of Christ. A careful examination of the Bible reveals that the next phase of the Kingdom of God is nothing short of a world-ruling monarchy that God will establish on this earth through Jesus Christ!
  • Answer: The very old kingdom
  • Answer: The kingdom of God would be like nothing you ever dreamed of it. It would be in the clouds but not on Earth.
  • Answer: Finn macairt
  • Answer: No, Nepal is not a kingdom since 2006 A.D. Now, it is a Federal Republic Country. The ex-palace is now a Museum!!!
  • Answer: According to the Bible, It is more important than anything on earth.

    According to the Bible; Jesus Christ is the most important and to enter into His Kingdom; you must repent and believe in the Gospel.
  • Answer: According to the bible, no where does it say that anyone can. It says that God is pretty much divine and no one can be or ever will be above him.
    To answer your question in short, no one can inherit the kingdom of "god".
  • Answer: To answer this question we must first try to identify howthe Kingdom of God is defined in the scriptures.
    (!).."the kingdom of God is not in words but inpower. (1Cor. 4v20)
    (2)"..flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom ofGod.(1Cor.15v50).
    Then, it is written that, "The kingdom of God is the fruit of thespirit, Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness,Faith.The question is can all those be found in the hearts ofhumans?. Yes they most certainly can, but they cannot inherit thekingdom of God.
  • Answer: The kingdom of Nubia was also known as the Ethiopian Dynasty.
  • Answer: The Old Kingdom is the name given to the period in the 3rd millennium BC
  • Answer: The term methanogen refers to bacteria which produce the gas methane as a metabolic waste product; it literally means methane makers. These bacteria are found in various places including swamps, and the digestive systems of many species. Cattle have a lot of methanogens in their guts.
  • Answer: Kingdoms flourished in what is now called Nubia since pre-Dynastic times. One of the first was known as Ta-Seti. Another was Sai. This was absorbed into the first Kushite Empire - Kerma (2400 - 1500 b.c.) in what is now Sudan. Kerma at one point extended from the 1st to 4th Cataracts. After being dominated by Egypt for nearly 500 years, Kush re-emerged, based now at Napata (1000 - c.450bc), later moving its capital to Meroe, which flourished c.450bc - 44o ad.
  • Answer: - monarchy
    - realm
    - territory
    - sovereignty
    - empire

What kingdom is methanogen in?

  • Archaebacteria. Also they can stand exterem tempreture. They areassexual. They are both Autotroph or heterotroph. They areunicellular and are prokaryote nucleus.

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