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  • Answer: The most regulated Industry in the United States is Aviation.
  • Answer: The pH of the blood is regulated by short term changes mediated by altering the rate of respiration and on the longer term by filtering of the blood in the kidneys.
  • Answer: The action of other hormones
  • Answer: Regulated companies were associations of merchants banded together for a common venture

    requires the company to have a licences and there are regulatory bodies that govern such company (government bodies that look after that industry) for public safety reasons. Jobs that require a licence are called regulated occupations. Regulated occupations include nurses, doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants and electricians. You need special education and experience before you can get your licence to work in most regulated occupations.
  • Answer: I think Ca++
  • Answer: the smart people use regulating tech to regulate the drugs
  • Answer: The Federal Election Campaign Act.
  • Answer: honestly this question has two answers and it really depends on whether you are talking about before 1776 or after cause before that year the American colonies were ruled by England and regulated in that time ment that the king of England tried to stop or decrease the flow of goods to or from the colonies...... i mean the they regulated tea by only allowing the colonies to purchase tea from the English own east India company and that cause the Boston tea party because of this and what they called taxation without representation the colonies formed the Confederated states of America not to be confused with the United states of America they are two different styles of government the first attempt at becoming independent of great Britain birthed the document known as the articles of confederation but this didnt last it was replaced by the US constitution in 1783 i do believe lol but anyways im rambling after 1776 it really had no meaning because the states regulated what came and went during that time but it just ment what they put embargos on and just stopped coming in to the indivdual states so there is your answer hoped it helped
  • Answer: football baseball basketball soccer
  • Answer: Negative feedback mechanism.
  • Answer: Monopolies are regulated to protect consumers. An unregulated monopoly can charge prices higher than the efficient level of production which causes some consumers to be left out of the market.
    Governments can combat this by breaking up monopolies with antitrust laws and turning monopolies into public entities.
  • Answer: The mean arterial pressure determines the rate of blood flow through the circulatory system

What are regulated substances?

  • There are certain type of medication that are regulated by different sets of regulations. Misuse of this medication can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Government has imposed special regulation to maintain safe use.

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