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  • Answer: None as long as it is cleaned up regularly, as it attracts flies
  • Answer: You can have heart problems or have an heart attack.
  • Answer: Cardiovascular Disease 2 Diabetes & Cancer
  • Answer: Underweight, unsafe sex, iron deficiency, indoor smoke from solid fuels (lack of proper ventilation), unsafe water (due to sanitation and hygiene), high blood pressure, tobacco consumption, alcohol consumption, high cholesterol, and obesity

  • Answer: Health risks for Nicorette Whatever form of nicotine replacement therapy you choose, side-effects are possible. Very few people (less than 5 per cent) have to stop using nicotine replacement therapies because of side-effects.6 Common side-effects you may experience include:
    • your tongue may tingle while chewing the gum
    • you may get hiccups
    • you may develop mouth ulcers, or a sore mouth
    • you may have some indigestion - this is sometimes caused by chewing the gum incorrectly, and not "parking" it between your cheek and gum
    • chewing can cause jaw pain. If you have problems with your jaw joint then nicotine gum may not be for you
    • you may not like the taste of some nicotine gums. Both mint and citrus flavours are available, and many people find these taste better.

  • Answer: The main health risk is infection do to uncleaned tools or uncleaned bath water used to soak your feet in. The use of fish, while useful for pedicures, can be harmful if the fish are in unclean water.
  • Answer: Tobacco, Smoking, obesity, alcohol, high cholesterol/blood pressure, and even high resting pulse are health risks.
  • Answer: Underweight, unsafe sex, iron deficiency, indoor smoke from solid fuels (lack of proper ventilation), and unsafe water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Answer: being overweight is not the worst thing as long as you are not way over. The main one I can think of is heart problems because your ateries will be clogged up.
  • Answer:
    • Could suffer electrical shock or burns if equipment is faulty, or if liquid is spilled near equipment.
    • May also suffer from upper limb disorders (associated with repetitive actions) from regular PC use or suffer from eyestrain/headache if lighting/screen image is poor.
    • Lack of exercise

    A few simple guidelines:
    • No food & drink should be too near the PC.
    • Schedule usage so that one has regular breaks from the computer.
    • Defective plugs, cables equipment etc must be for repaired/replaced.
    • Liquid spills must be mopped up immediately (although no liquid should be nearby anyway).
    • For children aged 10 and under: Supervision is prudent.

  • Answer: Increased caregiver stress may result in health problems such as ulcers, high blood pressure, difficulty sleeping, weight loss or gain, or breathing difficulties.
  • Answer: The disorder known as "Bulimic" is damaging to all of your organs, teeth, heart, brain, ect.
  • Answer: Polution is a major risk. Too many vehicles
  • Answer: The only health risks associated with swimming is catching athletes foot.

What are the health risks when sleeping in a bed?

  • The health risks of sleeping in a bed include bedbegs and bad posture due to your sleeping position. The bad posture from sleeping can result in back pain and general body pain for the rest of your life.

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  • Answer: The health risks of sleeping in a bed include bedbegs and bad posture due to your sleeping position. The bad posture from sleeping can result in back pain and general body pain for the rest of your life.
  • Answer: It depends on what kind of bad health you are talking about. Being fat can result in diabetes, bad knees and other issues. Most desieces and conditions are fatal, but in large amounts.
    The trick is to not have to much or to little of anything. Follow the golden path. ;-)
  • Answer: The ingredients, sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate can do harmfull damage to you breathing aparatus if not wearing protective gear when handling but the most damaging effect to your body can be an explotion or burn  if proper cautions are not taken. Gunpowder is a very stable substance you have to do something very wrong to be hurt by it.  
  • Answer: General sanitation, hyperthermia and drowning. In addition to those risks, there is a good possibility that they are not an effective treatment for a particular condition, which may become worsened if you ignore medical treatment in favor of "natural" remedies.
  • Answer: Most health problems develop later in life, but the major causes of death in adolescents are accidents, homicide and suicide.
  • Answer: Diabetes, heart failure, plaque in the arteries, stretched skin, possible breathing problems, low self esteem, depression, maybe colon cancer?, acid reflux disease, or heart burn.
  • Answer: Using a keyboard is generally not dangerous, but if you use it excessively and dont use it properly you can get carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Answer: Complications can include constipation, cramping, pain, obstruction caused by formation of an indigestible mass, perforation from sharp objects like rocks or gravel, and contamination and infection from soil-dwelling parasites.
  • Answer: There is a big risk, WD40 is a water displacing spray composed of various hydrocarbons, It contains a solvent similar to kerosene, about 25% carbon dioxide as a propellant, 15% mineral oil. It is possibly flammable and has an adverse effect on the human skin. Nitrile Rubber gloves and protective glasses should be used. Water will not extinguish burning WD40. So, do not inhale WD40
  • Answer: The high caloric content of starch can cause excessive weight gain, while at the same time leading to malnutrition, as starch contributes "empty" calories lacking vitamins and minerals.
  • Answer: by eating healthy
  • Answer: excerise and a healthy diet
  • Answer: There are numerous health risks involved with someone that is hypoglycemic. One of the major health risks is that low blood sugar can cause organs to malfunction, which can result in a coma, loss of consciousness, or even death.
  • Answer: choking is the main one.

    or they could explode in your microwave, breaking the microwave and potentionally harming you.
  • Answer: There are virtually no risks associated with obtaining a health history. Only information is exchanged. The risk is potential embarrassment if confidential details are inappropriately distributed.