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  • Answer: Little pimples on your areola. Do not pick at them, they will just get worse.
  • Answer: Glands that control certain hormones and your metablism.
  • Answer: Endocrine glands are located throughout your body, mostly in the head or your abdomen.

    Exocrine glands are located everywhere around your skin (sebaceous, sweat)
  • Answer: 2, one on each kidney
  • Answer: Thyroid glands
  • Answer: If the swollen glands can cause in the neck disease.
  • Answer: gland is an organ that sends chemical messangers called hormones to other parts of the body. gland is the main organ in the endocrine system.

  • Answer: To have swollen glands might mean that you are ill or you have aninfection setting in. If you are running a fever or have any othersymptoms, see a doctor.
  • Answer: Prostate gland is part of males reproductive system. It helps the production of semen. Actually, the prostate secretes an alkaline fluid that mixes with semen. Semen is a fluid with milky appearance, and the prostatic fluid which has the function to nourish the sperm and semen and has the function carry the sperm from the testicles, through the penis route during orgasm (called also ejaculation).
  • Answer:
    • They have both exocrine part and endocrine part.
    • The former sends its secretion by way of a duct and the latter releases its secretion directly into the blood and lymph.
    • Pancreas and gonads (testes and ovaries) are heterocrine glands.

  • Answer: glands secrete bodily fluids. The type of secretion depends on type and function of the gland.
    Ex. sebaceous glands secrete sebum, salivary glands secrete saliva
  • Answer: Buccal glands (or genal glands) are mixed glands in the mucous lining of the cheeks of mammals, except aquatic forms.
  • Answer: Any of the small bodies located along the lymphatic vessels, particularly at the neck, armpit, and groin, that filter bacteria and foreign particles from lymph fluid. During infection, lymph nodes may become swollen with activated lymphocytes. Also called lymph glands

Can you have your glands removed?

  • Yes if you really nedd them removed

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