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  • Answer: with hep c the saliva is not dangerous unless of course your mouth is bleeding
  • Answer: Other words for investing include put money into, provide capitalfor, fund, back, finance, subsidize, bankroll and underwrite. Thereare many more.
  • Answer: There are many barriers of international investment:

    • many different currencies
    • laws and taxes vary from country-to-country
    • language barriers (especially for accounting reports)

  • Answer: God only speaks to his messengers. God All Mighty does not speak directly to people, but he shows his servants signs, either through certain events or even in dreams. It is up to the person on whether he/she believes in those signs.
  • Answer: Value Linked Savings Schemes are prominently known as ELSS fundsIndia. They are open finished shared assets with a lock in time ofthree years. Shared asset ventures shift from putting resourcesinto a wide range of securities from government bonds to value inorganizations.
  • Answer: Personal finance investing is used for building capital. This capital may then be used to provide an income - possibly right away but more probably to secure an income in retirement.
  • Answer: If you do not have a good knowledge of the area it is risky like with every investment.
    The main advantages of investing in collectibles are:
    -Low correlation with conventional investments (stocks, bonds, futures etc)
    -Very good inflation hedge if not the best
    -Higher growth potential than conventional investments
    The main disadvantages are:
    -relatively illiquid
    -hard to value
    -high of cost and sale
    -high knowledge of the area needed

    Personally I like investing in collectibles it is much more fun than conventional investments but I would not put all my money there. The most important rule is invest in what you know and like dont buy just random. Personally I have a large collection of Panini sport and other cards. The appreciation is very good better than gold, stocks and bonds.
    As a long term investment for investor with good knowleage of the area is great.
  • Answer: A great place to learn about investing is through the myriad of investment websites currently online. E*Trade offers many videos for different levels of expertise on their website, as well as access to online seminars and local investor events. Yahoo! Finance also has many excellent articles on the subject.
  • Answer: Some benefits for investing in insurance for teachers are that if something happens to the teacher, their family will be provided for. Another benefit of having insurance is if one falls ill, their medical bills will not be as high.
  • Answer: You should go in for equity funds. They offer a return throughinvestment with composition in equity more than 80% of the totalportfolio. It gives unit holders medium to long-term capital growthof 5 years and above.
  • Answer: Wayanad is one of the hottest property markets in Kerala and theKeralas most premier tourist destination.Apart from the investmentperspective, especially wayanad have some great landscapes ideallysuited for your holiday homes or escape homes. This is the primaryreason peoples are investing in on wayanad with its zero pollution,scenic landscapes and mysterious mountains.
  • Answer: There are many advantages of investing in an Index Fund. An indexfund allows you to enjoy the good parts of a mutual fund, withlittle or none of the bad, by buying stock in all the companies ofa particular index and thereby reproducing the performance of anentire section of the market. An index fund builds its portfolio bysimply buying all the stocks in a particular index.Investing instock index funds is often called passive investing. The managementfees of an index fund tend to be lower as less money is spent onresearching stocks.
  • Answer: Intracellular is more lazy compared to extracellular environment when both of them are resting. Maybe intracellular is more tired.
  • Answer: not really based on the fact that there are more base sets that have become more popular and even more rare.

Should organizations be investing in physical changes to their facilities to attract new patients through a more comfortable environment?

  • world war II vs. the Cold war,given the histories of the two, whatform of international conflict is better?

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