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  • Answer: 4 years terms, and only allowed to serve a limit of 2 terms.
  • Answer: As a front desk security officer, you are the very first person that someone sees when they enter your clients establishment; so making a good first impression is very important. Then, based on your post orders and procedures, you may be required to check identification and process visitors. You may also be required to answer phones for your particular station and transfer calls if necessary. Again, first impressions are important.
  • Answer: A hospital administrator is usually an individual responsible for the day to day operational running of the health care institution. In addition, the administrator participates in and coordinates the setting of strategic priorities for the direction of the hospital. Specific duties include recruitment and retention of physicians, overseeing quality, improvement of processes for efficient delivery of patient care, setting standards, oversight of budgets, creating financial and business strategies to assure fiscal viability and health. The hospital administrators also become involved in press relations, public and community affairs, grants management, billing, collections, purchasing of equipment and meeting regulatory standards. Hospitals typically have Chief Executive Officers/Presidents and administrative hierarchies report up through this individual.
  • Answer: There are 2 types of functionality comes under Cashier.
    The Approved Bills, Debit Notes & Debit Request come under In Receipt.
    The Credit Notes & Deposit Refund come under In payment.
  • Answer: Duty of Front Office is check in,check out the guestensure safety of guest
  • Answer: front office personnel
  • Answer: Hotel Front Office is the area where starting to receive from a guest to the greetings of the guest, billing telephone attending in a very hospitalable manner, billing, information about the facilities, reservation comes in.
  • Answer: You should certainly make sure that things run smoothly. Meet all the employees and really get to know them all as you will be working very closely with them. Also, always try to find new ways to improve your company. Keep in mind that you must always move forward.
  • Answer: more than mine
  • Answer: general manager
  • Answer: Staff working in a medical office should be able to keyboardaccurately and efficiently. They should report to work on time andhave a positive attitude. They should be discreet with patientsrecords.
  • Answer: 1. Assist guest to check-in to their rooms.
    2. Assist guest to checkout.
    3. Handle phone enquires.
    4. Handle guest complaints.
    5. Answering phone and transfer calls to in-house guests & hotel staff.
    6. over the counter reservation for walk-in guests.
    7. Handle correspondences through fax or emails.
    8. direct guests to their correct destinations.
    9. Greet people entering the organization.
    10. General administration and clerical support.
  • Answer: The front office and finace basically just share documents. They work around around each other to make sure everything is up to date and correct.

What are duties of hospital front office executive?

  • key responsibilities of a patient relationship executive in eyehospital

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