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  • Answer: no boys love too much during the sex but it doesnt mean that girl dont.girls have the more passence in sex in respect of boys.boys are too much eager at that time.
  • Answer: It depends on the girl.
  • Answer: "Girls and Boys" by Pet Shop Boys.

    Another potential answer is the song "Girls and Boys" by Blur from the album "Parklife".

    The video is available on youtube (an official Parlophone youtube channel).

    Please see related link.
  • Answer: No, they cannot.
  • Answer: It depends on how you define good and bad.
  • Answer: boys talk about girls because they might like them or hate them if you wanna know what they say, they talk about breast sizes and seeing breast such as girls when they bend over and just stuff that girls think is preverted when it like girl talk to us which me and my friends call guy talk
  • Answer: hah ha! I guess they think they would look gd like that.
    Have u watched Zoey 101 when Lola gets dressed up as a boy to try and fit in with Chase and them guys?! It goes both ways, really.

    Its very funny dressing boys like girls, but is important put complet the boys in panties, bra, garter belt, stockings, higheels, etc. in presence or with the help of other girls, and take a trip to the mall to change him other girl clothes in front of other women.
  • Answer: girls and boys have diffent sexal parts
  • Answer: Yes they can!
  • Answer: They both need each other, so they are equal. But, men were treated a lot better then women throw out history but, that was just stupid and not only that but, men are payed better then women today.
  • Answer: All boys are different. If you want to know what he likes then trygetting to know him or have a conversation with him. Try to besomeone he likes but dont change who you are. If he wants acompletely different girl then dont try to be that girl. If he asksyou to change who YOU are then its not worth it. You will find theright guy without being something you are not. Imagine having tochange into something completely different that might not even becomfortable for you.......Just for a boy that you may not even bewith your whole life.
    WE all like someone and they may not like us back but that doesntmean we should change for them.
    Always stay true to who you are and not to something "one the otherside of the hill".
  • Answer: Pretty, kind, not taller than him, younger than him, smells good, and is mature..... even if they r not.
  • Answer: yes yes they are girls are more cool
  • Answer: It depends on the girls personality like I want a sweet an funny cute guy with long beach boy hair and any color eyes and yes I am a girl hope this helps

How are girls more stronger than boys?

  • It depends how much muscles they have.The more you exercise the bigger your muscles grow,therefore you get stronger.

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